The best time ever to negotiate your salary

is as you’re accepting a new job


But there are ways to ask for – and get – a pay rise from the inside too

Ask For That Pay Rise
Start by working out what you’ve done that was above and beyond the call of duty. Stating the obvious, like ‘I did my job’, ‘I put in extra time to get projects finished’ and ‘I didn’t pull a sickie’ might sound good in your head, but your Chief Exec was expecting that from you anyway. In his mind that’s what your current salary buys him. To get more, you have to have done more.

Doing extra is where you mine for gold. Literally!

Where have you over-performed? Or over-delivered? What results did you achieve that weren’t part of your original objectives?
Go through your original job spec and write a list of all the things you’re doing now, or have done, that aren’t on there. Then calculate the real value to your organisation. Add up how you’ve gone beyond the results your current salary already covers.
  • ‘I worked an additional 30 hours’, might mean that you weren’t on the ball in the beginning.
  • ‘I bought X in ahead of time, saving the Company £Y is powerful
Talk in the same language as your boss. Whatever metrics they use to measure success, calculate your additional worth using the same values.
Be ready to back-up everything you say with achievements and bottom line results. Improvements to processes, customer satisfaction, revenue and productivity all come with real world worth. If you made a significant impact, beyond company expectations, a pay rise is a reasonable request and a fair reward.
Work out what you’re really worth to the company and then calculate what that means in terms of additional salary. Have a figure in mind you want your boss to raise your salary by. Don’t be scared to ask for the amount you’re worth, based on the value you’ve brought.
IMPORTANT REMINDER: Appreciate your own value to the company’s success. Confidence is a key element in any negotiation.
Whether you’re asking for a pay rise because it’s that time of year, you’re having a performance review or you’ve read this article and you’re just feeling cheeky, it’s important to have a clear plan of the conversation before you start and have some figures and results you want to use.
Put forward a strong business case, take a deep breath and ask for what you want. You know you’re worth it. And if you’ve followed the value formula, they will too!
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