7 Tips to Make 2011 Your Year

Written by Julie Holmwood

As Christmas approaches faster than an out of control speeding train and the New Year looms on the horizon, you are no doubt starting to thing about goals, resolutions and ‘next year will be better (or even better), because …’ phrases

The truth is though that the only way to change the future, so that it is visibly different to your past, is to change what you are doing right now!
Einstein said that; ‘we cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking as when we created them’
The same is true for all of our lives

So how do we set some goals, practices, habit and behaviours in place to get us a new result for a new year?

  1. Start with the end in mind. Setting out without a planned destination means that you will hit any moving target that passes you. To get to a specific point you need to have a set goal to move towards, Step one is to define where you are headed. What would you like to be saying about 2011 this time next year?
  2. Write it down. Now you have defined where you want to be at the end of 2011, write it down. Save it somewhere you can stumble upon it at least once a day and print it out so that you get the chance to read it every time you have five minutes. Standing in a queue; get put your plan and read it. Like any map the more familiar you are with it, the more likely you are to get there with ease
  3. Read it. I know we covered that above but this step is KEY. You must remind yourself of where you are headed and the recommended frequency is at least twice a day
  4. Move towards it. Think about planning a trip to the supermarket. You get in the car, you know where the supermarket is, but every time you get to a junction you head in the other direction, How long will it take you to buy your groceries? No, this isn’t a junior maths question. This is a great tip fir why we get off course. When we are going to the supermarket we make it easy by driving straight there. Try and apply the same simple logic to your goals. Seize the logical opportunities that keep you on track and disregard the rest
  5. Keep going. You are the only one that can make your life happen as you want ti. If you want the goal, keep heading in the direction of it
  6. Don’t give up. It is always easy to see someone that got there faster, or quicker than you. It is easy to become discouraged and think if you were going to reach your goal it would have happened by now. The truth is that it takes focus plus a little time. In the scheme of the Universe a couple of months is but a blink. Keep the faith in getting where you want to go. You CAN do it!
  7. Review the plan. When you get top your first goal, review your plan and start the next leg of your journey. Some things might not take as long to achieve as you first thought!

We love working on goals.

If you would like some support and encouragement in reaching your destination for December 2011 come and share your dream with us on Facebook and let us help you get there
Are you planning your career path? Wondering how to get from here to where you want to be? Not sure which goals to set, or how to break a big destination down into measureable, achievable steps? Do you just wish someone would give you a route that you could follow?
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