About Julie Holmwood, Career Empowerment Officer and Churchill Brook, Making You CEO of Your Career

Julie Holmwood was an international headhunter and recruiter for almost  twelve years, before becoming a coach and founding Churchill Brook; Your Career Empowerment Office
Having helped thousands of job seekers find their next job and assisted many more to become 'jobsearch fit', Julie founded Churchill Brook with the soul purpose (yes, that kind of soul) of helping you find that new job.
Over the years though it’s become obvious that her mission is not actually that simple – are missions ever?
The resounding answer clients give, when asked: ‘what (new job) are you looking for?’ Reply: ‘Um’
You see, for many, that next step is not that simple. It could be more of this…. or it could be that.
Julie had two choices – ask her clients to change their answer… or change the nature of the services she offered. And so it was, on a cold snowy day, in the middle of middle England, the Career Empowerment Office was born.
Passion is a funny thing. It doesn't restrict itself to the bedroom. It seeks us in every aspect of our life. Our biggest calling then, certainly in terms of hours spent, is within our careers
So this is where we start – discovering your professional passion
Sometimes it's well hidden. Or at least it's been surpressed. Many people don't know if they have what it takes, if they know enough, if they're clever enough, or if they have the right connections to make 'it' happen. So they don't start, in case they are disappointed. Until that day they realise that nothing is more disappointing than living another day like this.
Once we've found 'it' we create a plan to bring it to life. How to make it your career, as quickly and seamlessly as possilbe.
Work is a massive part of your life. Getting professional help to make sure you get it right is life-changing.
Churchill Brook give you a roadmap, we walk you through it and if you want us to, we can work with you on an ongoing basis while you take all the steps. Sound simple? That is because it is; really easy!
We can help you create a must read CV. We have read hundreds of thousands of CVs, had thousands of candidates selected for interview and hired. We know what they are looking for and we know how to make you 'it'
Using tricks of the recruitment trade we can get you on the radar of proactive recruiters and headhunters, getting you in the line of sight of all those lovely hidden vacancies. Over 70% of vacancies are never advertised. They have to find you. This is where all the juicy jobs are! No wonder you couldn't find them on websites or in newspapers
We combine this with some new ways to get you noticed that you won't have tried before. Why do our new ways work? Because we combine the professional methods of the most respected companies… and we apply them to your job search.

You might already know a lot of the right things. But we bet there's room for a few tweaks and adjustments.
We help you realise the potential of LinkedIn. It's the most used tool of the hiring profession and your most under-utilised resource. In a few hours we can change that.
Maybe you hear about lots of new jobs that already tick your passion box? One of our clients was being headhunted at least four times a year for great jobs. It was working with us that got him past the shortlist and hired for the job he had his heart set on. Now he earns more money, works in a more dynamic environment and has a structured path to at least the next two steps on his career ladder.

Imagine being able to get a positive response from the people you are approaching. Another of our clients had been sending out her CV for over ten months, without a single interview. Having worked at Director level on a six-figure package she had started applying for roles paying £25,000. She was desperate! Within a few months she had two offers on the table for jobs that really excited her. In a totally different field!


What if your CV spoke for itself? Yet another of our clients had a long-term dream of working on a very sought after International project. It was a bit of a step change from what she was doing, but she knew she was ready, willing and able to meet the challenge. After countless rejections from their various hiring managers, she spoke to us. She joined her dream project six weeks later. She now has a very exciting role, is loving the challenges and adores the big pay cheques!


So, that is Churchill Brook. What about you?

We want to work with you if you are;
Generally optimistic about your future, even if you don't know why
Committed to your future
Willing to try new things
Ready to learn new techniques
Determined to love Mondays and enjoy work

To find out more about how we can help you please email us now!
Disclaimer: Working with us does not guarantee you an improved lifestyle. You need to be willing to commit to your future and take the necessary steps to get you from here to where you want to be. What we will say is, the people that have discovered their passion, implemented our suggestions and used our techniques, have done a lot better than they initially expected, either by getting their dream job or a better job with a bigger salary; sometimes both