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Would you like to become an affiliate for Churchill Brook?

If you currently market and/or sell to career professionals and would like to add some great tools and products to your offering then you are in the right place.

Add our eBook 'Click Start Your Career Success' to your FREE offers.

As one of our affiliates we give you this eBook for you to give to your clients and prospects free! We think it is a great giveaway and we are sure that your clients and prospects will agree

What do I need to do as 'An Affiliate'?

Great question! As an affiliate you help sell our products and services. You may have seen other companies doing it? It is a very popular method of creating a win-win-win situation for you, the people you know and us. You win because you get commission for every sale you help to make, your contacts win because they get the resources they have been looking for and we win because we make additional sales to people that haven't found us yet.

What is Affiliate Commission and how much will I make?

How much you make depends on how many people you know, how much marketing you do and how many people buy
  • You make 15% commission for every sale
  • You make additional commission on other affiliates sales if you are the person that referred them to us
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • Regular payments; we pay sales commission monthly
  • Sales tracking. We let you know every time one of your contacts buys something so you can track your commission

What am I promoting?

  • Everything on the What We Offer page
  • Our Products

Who Can Become an Affiliate?
  • Anyone who has an ethical approach and a genuine desire to help their contacts get on in their careers. This is not a get rich quick scheme, nor will we be associated with anyone sending 'spam'
  • If you have a website it must be 'family friendly' ie contains non-offensive language and content
  • You are not allowed to use affiliate links for your own purchases

When Do I Get Paid?
Our affiliate management software manages your sales and pays out, direct to your bank account, once a month. Once you are registered on our system you can log-in and check your sales totals.

A Question We Haven't Answered?
Email us and we will get back to you. Include your telephone number or Skype address and we will call you if that is easier
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