Alarm – ing

Beep beep beep … beep beep beep … beep beep beep … smack the snooze button … beep beep beep … beep beep beep … beep beep beep … time to get up, yeugh!

Was that the start of your day today? First time you’ve set the alarm for a while?
Did you leap out of bed eager to get back to work? Keen to get back into the swing of things? Or did it make you realise that you need a change? Have you set yourself a resolution to make 2011 better than 2010?
Maybe you’ve decided to throw yourself into things with a new vigour. Or change the balance of focus in your life and spend more time adding some sparkle to your social life. However your morning started, you no doubt have some new plans that you are about to implement. That is what January is about, isn’t it?
So how to get them to stick into February and beyond?

Do you have a plan to make them dreams realised rather than resolutions resigned to another new year?

One small change you can make that is so easy, yet so powerful, is to change your self talk. Rather than a resolution make yourself a promise. It carries a lot more impact and will have you thinking in a whole new light
Pick one thing that you really want to do differently and write it on a card that you can carry in your pocket. Make it about credit card size and if you have access to a laminator then get laminating. Your wording can be ‘I promise that I will (be/do/have) …. (fill in the blank)’

Read your card at least twice a day

Allow yourself to think about your promise every time you find your card in your pocket. Start every day contemplating your promise and allow yourself to give it more thought as you lie in bed at night.
When you feel inspired to take some new action, do it! Remember, doing what you have habitually done got you where you are right now. To create something new you need to do something new.
Keep your promise a secret. This is a private goal and reaching it is going to change your life for the better. Don’t give anyone the opportunity to make you doubt yourself or your pot of gold at the end of your rainbow. Keep it your personal secret until after you have achieved your dream
I promise, this is going to be amazing!!
Do you want to realise a new challenge? Wondering how to make the right choices to get you there this time? Not sure which direction to go or how to find the right steps to take? Do you just wish someone would give you a list of the best options that you could choose from?
Churchill Brook can help you reach your goals and achieve your promises, which can change your happiness levels unrecognisably. Working with you to create the map and then set a step-by-step plan, we help you create your own path to your future. To get to know us better or to now get started email us today
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