Google Knows

by Julie Holmwood

Why you’re right for that job… or not!

When you have any kind of question who are the three ‘people’ you ask?
Mine are:
  1. The person closest to me – in terms of geography or easiest to get hold of on Skype
  2. My Mum
  3. Google
Who sang that song; you know the one that goes ‘you get no time to put things right, to put things right’? – ask Google
Who won CIR’s Business Continuity Personality of the Year in 2010? – ask Google
Who said: ‘Everybody is a genius. But, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree , it’ll spend its whole life believing that it is stupid'? – ask Google

Is this candidate right for that vacancy?

Uummm, yes, you guessed it. The hiring manager asks Google. About you?
Who ever thought your name would be the topic of a Google search? Perhaps it never even occurred to you to try and Google yourself?
But (almost) as sure as eggs are eggs, someone in the hiring process will. The recruiter. The Hiring Manager. The HR Manager. The background screening company (they definitely will!)

The question is, what will they find?

Do you still look like you’re right for that job?
Does Google agree with what you wrote in your CV? Or said during your interview?
My suggestion is to ask Google before you even enter job search.
Before your first CV is submitted.
Before your first online application.
At the very worst, the best time to Google yourself is right now!
Let me know what you find out about yourself. There is a prize for the most unusual (value £35)
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