Baubles, Tinsel and Mince Pies

Written by Julie Holmwood

At this time of year feet start coming off the gas and relaxation, longer lunches and early finishes start to become the norm. How lovely, time to have fun … for some!

Of course, I am talking about the people that made it into the office at all. With this year’s snowy weather and treacherous roads, we are being told to stay indoors and those that are allowed and able are being encouraged (by TV presenters and government officials at least) to work from home

The truth for many companies though is that this week is still business as usual.

If you are in any aspect of retail, it might be business most unusual, as things step up about fifty-eight gears to supply the mad rush of Christmas shoppers and be ready to bounce straight back for the all-important New Year sales
Whatever your industry and whatever your role, on an individual level you might find yourself invited to more parties, having more get togethers and altogether more social time with family and friends. This might put you into a joyous and benevolent frame of mind. The same may not be true of your boss
Goodwill to all men is the theme of the season, but a slightly hungover, or just generally tired boss, might not be feeling as forgiving as they do normally. Let alone be able to stretch to be more so.

To keep your name out of the New Years dishonours list keep in mind the following;

  • Long lunches may be by special permission only. Just because John from accounts took two hours last Tuesday doesn’t mean your one hour and forty-five minutes will go unnoticed today. Check with your boss and make sure you have express permission to fudge the rules
  • It is worth checking your employers rules about things like alcohol during working hours (if you don’t already know) and making sure that you toe the company line. Most companies have a low to no tolerance official line, although that is often overlooked in favour of networking and creating beneficial relationships. One thing when you’re out with clients or suppliers. Another entirely when you are meeting up with friends
  • Shopping online is typically frowned upon during company time. If you do need to order a couple of last minute items, do it in your lunch break or before nine am
  • Arriving late is understandable given the weather, but if your boss lives a further ten miles on and is there on time, your reason may not carry much weight
  • Leaving early is a special favour and therefore a thank you to your boss, or an email to the boss on high that made the ruling will probably be looked upon kindly
  • The rules about personal phone calls, emails and using social media sites, including Facebook, still apply
  • Your job still needs to get done, by someone. Even if you feel a little de-mob happy and you think Christmas is the most exciting time of the year, remember that your work still needs completing. Unless you are the lucky one that got their order in early, Santa is all out of elves to send to help you with your tasks
  • Some of your clients and colleagues don’t celebrate Christmas. To some this is another normal week. Therefore they will be going about their normal business and will expect to receive their normal level of service from you
  • Not everyone wants to eat cake and chocolates, so if you have taken in tins or boxes of cakes and sweets, pop them somewhere that everyone can access and then either send an email or leave a note for people to help themselves.
Enjoy this week and make it memorable for all the right reasons
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