Brand You, Brand New!

Written by Julie Holmwood


We all know about brand names. We know the supermarket specials like Heinz, cars like Mercedes and television broadcasters like the BBC. But what about you? Can you be a brand? Should you be a brand? What should your brand say about you?

When you think about leaders, you think of them by name and then some other thoughts will pop into your mind. You might know Richard Branson for his Virgin companies, being a philanthropist or the owner of Necker Island. You might have known Anita Roddick for the Body Shop, ethical business practices and green living. You might know Prince Harry for his military career and party lifestyle.

These people all have their own brand. They are all known for aspects of their life and behaviour and most of us can identify something about what they do, as a result of what we know about them.

When we think about engaging someone to do XYZ we will immediately think of someone that we know, or know of, that is capable, competent, or just known for that subject or area of business.

So what about you? What is your brand? What are you known for? What will someone, somewhere, be putting your name on a list to contact about?

So many of life’s opportunities are never advertised. They are given to a person that is known, or known of, by the person whose idea it was to do the 'whatever' in the first place. When you want more opportunities, it therefore stands to reason, that you just need to get into more peoples awareness for what you do (or want to do)

Imagine you had the big brand feel of a movie star. How many opportunities do you think would cross your path every single day? How easy do you think it would be to get a new role, a new book deal, a new event appearance? Simple, wouldn’t you say?

I have some good news! With the advent of Social Media you can create your own brand and you can start to be known for what you do, within your own industry/town/group. The popularity of the big brands; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn means that you can be searched for, searchable and known for exactly what it is that you do. Who said media searches were only for people in the media!?

When you are creating your brand give it some thought. What do you want to be known for? What do you want people to be searching for, when they find you?

Having a brand is no longer just for the very rich or the very famous. In reality we have all always had our own brand anyway. Now we have the option to let more people, in further flung places, aware of what that is.

If you would like some tips, advice and a great guide to get you started I have some excellent news for you. I have written an eBook. Twenty-nine pages of how to get started it takes you through the major Social Media resources and explains how and why they can work for you.

The two amazing parts about this are; it is an eBook (therefore you can download it immediately (and print & bind it if you prefer a physical book)) and it is free! That’s right, it’s my birthday and I am giving gifts a plenty.

Have fun. This is the perfect time to brand you, brand new!
Are you planning your career path? Wondering how to get from here to where you want to be? Love what you do but wonder how to get more options to speak/ write/ get promoted/ new job opportunities? Do you just wish it were easy?
Churchill Brook can help you create your own brand which can change your career success unrecognisably. Working with you to create the map and then set a step-by-step plan, we help you create your own brand and network like a professional. To get to know us better or to now get started email us today
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