Brown is The New Black

In fashion brown becomes the new black and a new trend is set. Well, hold the front page, a new trend in working is whispering it’s way through corporate life and we predict might set a new trend, particularly in the SME market (Small & Medium Enterprise)
What is it? There is a shift happening with people moving into permanent part-time roles. There have always been part-time jobs I hear you say and I agree, yes, there have. But not like this. These are high-level roles. Some even at Director/Board level, which is fairly modern. But there is more! These are not part-time workers. These are full-time workers who work part-time within one organisation … and then … they go and work part-time in another organisation too! The amount of companies they work for varies depending on how many days a month each company wants them.
So how does it work? Well Company A might want you for four days per month and you agree that you will always work for them on a Monday. Company B want six days per month so you do Tuesday’s and every other Wednesday. Company C want five days per month so they get Thursday and one of your free Wednesday’s. Company D want four days per month so they get Fridays and you get one Wednesday per month to take care of your administration and to 'manage' your clients. Sound good? Well it gets better!
Just think about the headline news over the last few years. X are making redundancies, Y are cutting staff, Z are laying people off. Many people I know have lived with the threat of losing their job at least once in the last five years. One of my friends has been made redundant three or four times. Not only can that be unsettling to your psyche but it can play havoc with your cashflow. Now look at the above model again. Even if you add nothing on and just pro-rata your salary down, if one of your client companies can no longer justify your role you only lose a percentage of your income. Life takes on a much more comfortable feel doesn’t it? You can always pay your mortgage and key payments. Luxuries might be question marked but looking for a new client opportunity that will give you four days per month will probably be substantially easier than finding a new job.
Recruitment agencies, always happy to both start trends and adopt them are already moving into this gap so leads for roles will be a-plenty. The obvious benefit to companies is they can afford resource they only dreamed of up until now.
This is such a fabulous win-win situation. We are watching this space with huge interest …
If you are already working within this model we would love to hear from you. Your information and support could be key to helping others make the switch. We would love to hear your pros and cons and if you would like to tell us ALL about your experience we would be happy to interview you for our next article. Name in lights anyone?
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