Candidate-1, Interview-0

Written by Julie Holmwood

Sometimes it seems that even with your best foot poised it is hard to step into the interview. Why is that and what can you do?

I noticed a lot of yes let’s hire, no don’t hire, from clients during my recruiting career. It seemed that many a company could spend many a month selecting CVs, discussing the merits of one candidate over another, only to decide that they wouldn’t interview now after all. Waste of time or clever business tactic?

Of course, to you, the eager candidate, you might not be able to second guess their thought process. The one thing that you do know is that it is more than a little frustrating. All of that happy pre-interview expectation, all of that interview planning for meetings that don’t happen, all of that interview-suit dry-cleaning …

The truth is that you can’t force the interview to happen and if the hiring plans are on hold, or indefinitely postponed, then you have to move on from that particular opportunity and say next interview please

The key thing that you must do is keep your energy, enthusiasm and commitment to the cause alive and well. Job hunting carries with it its own numbers game. That doesn’t mean you should return to applying for anything and everything. Far from it! But you should keep all of your genuine options open and all the conversations going, until after the successful interview has happened and the offer is signed and sealed.

In many instances in my life things that I have wanted to happen haven’t. At the time I have been varying shades of disappointed. Looking back, I see that what has actually happened has far exceeded the initial plans I set out with. Although it is hard to see at the time when it appears that another door closes, another door closes and another door closes, it is the one door that eventually opens that is the key to the next stage of your life journey and possibly even to your dreams.

If some of the earlier doors opened you wouldn’t have been available and open to see the interview door which really did have your name on it!

Some things that it is good to remind yourself are;
           Things have always worked out for you in the past
           Remember when (insert event) didn’t happen and you got (insert experience) instead, WOW!
           If you are getting interview requests then you know your CV says the right thing and it is just a matter of time until a company follows through with its hiring plans
           You are so much more than your job search. Keep your life in balance and continue to do the things that you enjoy

Carry on interview planning when a meeting is scheduled; this is the one that could happen. Plus it is great practice and helps to handle any pre-interview nerves.

When you do go to an interview, remember it is a two-way process. This is your chance to see if they are the company that YOU have been dreaming of.

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