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The Salaries of Priests, Wrestlers and a Few In Between   Priests   Clergy pay really depends on their denomination (the branch of religion they preach for), but for the most part priests receive a salary as well as having their rent and utility bills paid for by the church.   How much of a […]

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Welcome to our new career section; Careers Under the Spotlight. In this modern world, with things changing at a fast pace some roles are becoming permanently redundant and new jobs, careers we had never even heard of, are not only springing up, they offer exciting, fulfilling, rewarding opportunities. This month we are looking at an industry that is growing very fast. Social Media Management. We have all heard of Facebook and Twitter, but what does a Social Media Manager need to know and what do they do? We spoke to Kay Hebbourn, co-Founder of Social Diva Media …


Written by Julie Holmwood   Today is our last article of 2010 and we thought we would tell you about something new happening in 2011.   We work with a lot of people that are looking for that extra something in their professional life. For some, that involves a change of career … but to […]

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