Finding the right vacancies

Vacancies are easy to find. The right vacancies are another story. Who do you want to work for? How do you know they are a good employer? Will you really want to work for them after the glow of getting that job has worn off?


100% of the time who you know can and will open more doors for you than what you know. If you are looking to change fields, get that big promotion or sidestep into a new industry knowing the right people is going to take you all the way. Bob Burg takes it one step further when he says ‘it isn’t just what you know, and it isn’t just who you know. It’s actually who you know, who knows you, and what you do for a living’


Written by Julie Holmwood You know the size of your current salary and if you are like most people, you would probably like it to be a bit bigger … but how BIG can your salary go from here? According to an article in today’s Daily Mail Newspaper there is a move to cap public […]


Bob says working on contract is the way forward. He explains why

My friend Julie (Holmwood) at Churchill Brook posted a discussion recently on the trend towards short term contract employment. A real prospect in the current business climate, it immediately triggered a thought back to the 80’s and early 90’s when Total Quality Management …Business Process Re-engineering …Management De-layering were all collaborating to change the shape and reduce the permanent headcount of businesses. Welcome to the growth industry of the contract worker.


Is your workplace fulfilling the needs of your people? Traditionally the contract was pretty simple. People come to work and do a job for you. You return the service by giving them money. A simple agreement really!

But times have changed. It seems people are seeking more from the experience. Many employees are seeking a greater sense of belonging and perhaps importance in their workplace. For some, the pay packet is no longer adequate acknowledgement of the service they perform.

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In fashion brown becomes the new black and a new trend is set. Well, hold the front page, a new trend in working is whispering it’s way through corporate life and we predict might set a new trend, particularly in the SME market (Small & Medium Enterprise)

What is it? There is a shift happening with people moving into permanent part-time roles. There have always been part-time jobs I hear you say and I agree, yes, there have. But not like this.