People are always talking about creative ways to get hired. But what about creative ways to resign? Should you think outside the box on the way out too?


What is the best thing about changing jobs? Is it the idea of a new challenge? Bigger salary? A chance to start over? Or, is it the incredible feeling during those last few weeks in your ‘old’ job while you work your resignation?

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Written by Julie Holmwood   You've handed in your resignation. You've got a great new job. In fact it looks like your perfect role. You are delighted to be leaving this *!%* place and are now counting the days.   Well, actually, you are even counting in hours!   It is really easy to get […]


Remember that not everyone is leaving, so although you might be de-mob happy and deep down doing a little jig every time you realise that a deadline doesn’t involve you and the next batch of meetings won’t be yours to schedule, try to keep that to yourself. Your colleagues are there for the duration and it is important to both your employer and to each individual colleague for their sanity that they continue to get as much fun out of each day as possible.


You may also receive a counter offer. This is where your current employer offers to better the package you have just accepted with your new role. Flattering and tempting as this may be if you were really happy and fulfilled where you are would you have been looking and gone for interview elsewhere, let alone accepted the other offer?