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We go through school, lots of us with our focus on enjoying being young and having fun, meanwhile we make decisions about our career that will supposedly take us through life. Having successfully retrained myself not so very long ago, I thought that might be a good and interesting subject to discuss with you. Are you working at something you are passionate about? Does every day bring challenges, new excitement, the possibility of something that will make you go ‘wow’? If that isn’t happening to you at least once a week then you need to look for ways to inject more magic and sparkle into your work. If it happens less than once a month then maybe you need to rethink your current role and/or Company and if it hasn’t happened since you don’t know when, then perhaps it is time to retrain for something else entirely?
With the new laws being passed later this year removing retirement age for working in Britain, you may be in the employment market longer than you thought. Or you will at least have the choice to be. So is there any age that is too old to retrain and start in a new area of business? I would suggest the answer is no.
Of course, one move that seems to be more common, is people working as freelancers and contracting their services to either one company for a fixed period or multiple companies for an indefinite period. There is a lot of freedom in this method of working, although you do need to find someone to hire you and you might need to make a slightly more focused effort towards selling your services. With markets becoming a little more hire and fire than they were of old this can only be a good thing. Having strong skills, your own market of clients and the ability to work with multiple companies at one time certainly minimises the risk of ever being without any income at all.
So what can you retrain to do? Absolutely anything is the answer. Whatever your heart has always desired to do, why not go and do it now? It is never too late. If you spend one day loving every moment then it will have been worth the effort and it will be one more day that you spend loving every moment, than you are right now.
There is no price to be put on happiness. Make it your mission to put your happiness top of your list of priorities. Happy people often keep working in the same environment for longer (if they want to), get paid more and have an increased quality of life that is priceless. Consider the gift you give to your loved ones when you return home happy from ‘a day at the office’, don’t sit fretting or debating the trials of the day, go to bed and sleep a deep and contented sleep and wake up excited and hopeful for the day to come. Plus it rubs off. Putting your happiness first, gives others permission to put their happiness first. Imagine what life would be like if your entire household were happy for no reason? Of course, there would still be some less happy moments, but what would it be like if in general everyone was pleased with their lives and what was happening within them? Is that worth pushing through with a little homework for a short time? I should say so! It certainly was for me
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