Best Companies to Work For

by Julie Holmwood

One question I get asked a lot is:

‘should I apply for this role at that company?’

People look to me to have the inside track on who are (and who aren’t) the good employers.
In my job you hear a lot of gossip. Everyone has a story to tell. Every company has a secret… or twelve.
But there are ways you can do some due diligence for yourself.

Here are my top three company checks:

1 – The Interview
Look at how the company treat you through the interview process.
Are they polite?
This one sounds a little odd, but I have been amazed beyond the point I thought I was amazeable at the way even well-thought of companies treat their interviewees. Rude!
Are the interviewers the type of people you would love to work with? These are potentially your new colleagues; like them?
Have you been given the warm, fuzzy feeling by this company?
2 – LinkedIn Search
Run a search on the company employees on LinkedIn.
Have a lot of people left recently?
Have most of the current employees only been with the company a few months?
Does everyone join, do one job for a short while and then leave?
Great companies understand the value of their people. They promote from within. They build long-term careers for their staff.
LinkedIn gives you a window into their world.
3 – Become a Customer
Nothing tells you more than being on the receiving end of their customer service. Or is that dis-service?
If it is a company you could easily use, then use them. See what the customer experience is like.
These are your future colleagues. Are they kind? Are they helpful?
Does the company care?
Remember ‘actions speak louder than words’

What is that company saying to you?

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