The Confused Job Seeker

By Julie Holmwood

I've worked with a lot of people who could go this way or that

They have a few ideas what their next step could be. The one thing they are sure of; anywhere is better than here!

The desire to leave where you are is a good reason to change jobs

However, it is not your friend when it comes to job search.
I've seen it written that we are all 'here' for a reason. That there is some divine purpose behind our seemingly random existence. Your life has a pre-created meaning (that wasn't pre-created by you).
I'm not of that school of thought. I think you can be whatever you want to be as long as you have two things; determination and persistence.
If you are determined to get there. No matter what. No matter how long it takes.
If you persistently pursue your goal. Without deviation. Without loss of determined effort.
Eventually. Sooner, or often times later, you will become that which you dreamed of. Whatever that dream may have been. No matter where you started from.

The fortunate few?

These are the people, who after ten years of singing into their hairbrush, become an overnight singing sensation on YouTube.
There are the people, who after years of writing that novel in every spare waking hour, forsaking other tasks in favour of their passion, become a best-selling author.
These are the people we call lucky. These are the ones we think of as fortunate. Sometimes we only know them as a verb; driven.
When these people enter into a new job search they know where they want to go next. Not the name of the company. But they know the role. They know it inside out.
Job search becomes easy. They are the fortunate ones after all.
They apply for five jobs. They get four interview requests and they get two job offers.
Because they are lucky.
I'm not of that school of thought either!

Luck, fortune or good planning?

For me it is not about luck or fortune. It is about focus. Knowing what you want. Then going after it.
When you have a clear vision of where you want to go, you can see which paths can take you there.
You know what to say to a recruiter. Or a hiring manager.
You are not vague. Or a Jack or Jill of too many trades. You are specific.
You know your value. You know your strengths. You know exactly what you can do for that company and you know why they need you on their team.
In clear concise ways you are able to articulate your fit for that organisation. They can clearly see you are right. For them.
The first step of job search then is not updating your CV. No.
The first step of job search is clarity. It is vision. It is a determined idea of where you are going and what you are going to do for that company when you get there.
InterviewAuthor of 'Get That Interview' and 'Clickst@rt Your Career' Julie is The Job Seeker's Guide. She works with thousands of clients through her audio and web-based programmes, helping them get 'job search fit' and successfully navigate their way into that new role
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