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Let’s start with what is a goal? A word that is bandied around a lot do you really know what it means and how to set one? For me a goal is a destination; it is the place I have set that I want to get to and therefore has bearing on every decision I make between the setting and the reaching of it. Much like a physical journey you keep on heading in the right direction. Depending how small your goal and how much activity you commit in a period of time, depends how soon you will reach it. This rule works 100% of the time.

When you are setting your goals to make them congruent goals run some checks on them. Your goal is to be promoted to Head of Department. Ask yourself why? What is it about being Head of Department that calls you to it? Is it the money? If so and you could do another role which paid the money that Head of Department commands, but is called something else would that do it for you? Is it the lifestyle? Would your lifestyle change and would it be for the better? Is it the status? Do you think people would view you differently if you were in charge and would that be a change to your liking? Spend some time visualising what having your goal means to you. How do you feel once you have achieved it? How does your life look now? How have things changed? What impact has your new job had on the rest of your life? Has it had much impact on your family and if so has that been for the good?

One thing that we should point out, if when you visualise yourself with your goal there are changes that you don’t want you will not be committed to that goal because it is not congruent. The part of you that likes elements of your life as they are now, or more so than how you imagine they will become, will not align with the part of you that is working towards your goal and you will feel torn. This can lead to feeling tired, despondent and out of step with life in general. The knock on effects can understandably be huge and not in the way that you would hope.

Think carefully about what you want and what it is you really want to achieve. If your ultimate aim is to work from home and have more free time to spend with your children, is a job with more responsibility and a higher element of travel really going to make you happy? If you want more money there might be another way? There might be another role that gives you more freedom, or the same amount that you have now. If you are a people person and you love the interaction you get day-in-day-out with your clients, is becoming a Manager who is office-based really your ideal career move and therefore the right goal for you?

For every person there is the perfect way to make a living. Roles and responsibilities are as diverse and interesting as people themselves. Remember that you are a very unique round peg looking for a very unique round hole. It might be that for the time being you just have to write a list of values and desires and wait for the route to become clear. If so set your goals of more freedom and more time with your family and know that in some way, someone will make a suggestion to you that will be the perfect fit. Meanwhile avoid going in the wrong direction. If I start in London and my destination is Edinburgh going to Brighton is not part of my plan so I am not going to do it, even if that means I stay in London a while longer. Focus and passionately believe that what you want is not only possible it can and will happen for you. Understand yourself enough to know what gives your life meaning and build from there.

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