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Creating the right balance is key to being happy, not only at work, but in life. You cannot separate you from yourself so it makes sense that how you feel in one area of your life transfers to how you interact with others in the rest of your life. Think about how you are with your colleagues when you have had a row at home. Does it make you snappy, introverted, short-tempered? Think about how you are at home when you’ve just had phenomenal success at work. Are you endlessly patient, tolerant, upbeat and playful?
Saying ‘I don’t like my job’ but that is only one part of my life and I will look at it tomorrow (read sometime never) is fooling yourself. The same as thinking that you will be at your most effective and likely to achieve great success, when your domestic life is in tatters. We all need a distraction but to be truly successful we need to address the general well-being of our life to achieve the feeling that all is well.
Now we all know the saying ‘you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink’ and that is probably easier than even contemplating trying to lead a person to water. There is nothing you can do, say, act or threaten that will create positive and lasting change in another. What actually happens when you try is you feel more and more out of control of life and what is happening in yours. So what can you do?
There is one thing that you can do that will be so successful it will blow you away and that is to change yourself. When you change your thinking, everything else will follow, sometimes so quickly that you will wonder what on earth happened. I can tell you the answer to that one. You happened. You have incredible sensibility and you are acutely aware of what will work for you. You probably get bombarded every day with requests from other people to do what they want and you just get a bit lost in that melee.
So how about giving yourself the gift of you time? Just thirty minutes every day to contemplate, reflect, ponder, wonder, think. Do you commute via car? How about turning the radio off, putting your phone on silent and using that time? Or do you have a dog? What about making dog-walking time into your time? Or, my personal favourite, having some non-TV time in the evening.
You will be surprised where, in what you think is a busy day, you will find thirty minutes and completely amazed by what devoting it to downtime for you will do to the quality of your entire life. Things tend to be as good as you think they are and often simple problems escalate because of the interwoven aspect of our lives. Taking a small amount of time to relax, reframe, refresh and just be, will pay you more than money can buy. It will create some peace, which in turn will become peace of mind and that will be the start to creating your life as you want it. A life of joy, a life of fun, a life of possibility!
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