Six CV Boosting Tips

Written by Kal Malik

6 Key Things to Boost Your CV

This is what I do with my CV to ensure I get that interview.
I have worked in the IT industry for more than 10 years as a contractor. Usually my contracts lasted from 3 to 6 months, this was by choice, I like to move around. As a consequence however I have had a lot of experience in applying for work.

Here are my top 6 CV tips when applying for a position.

1. At the top of your CV ensure that you have a skills match with the skills that the employer is looking for. Rather obvious one that one, but the number of people who leave the employer (or agent) searching their CV for the key words is amazing. So let your CV shout out the matched key words.
2. Read through (or call the agent up and ask them about) the job requirements. Now find relevant bits of experience from your working life and target those requirements. If the employer is looking for a self-starter then show him or her that you are one. If they are looking for a team player then show how you have been a great team player. Note that it's important to show them by pointing at experience. To say that you are a "good team player" isn't enough. Instead be looking to say, "I worked within a team of 6 people whilst in this department, where I demonstrated my team working skills by…" Or "I have been on team building courses, such as… where I learned… "
3. Research the employer. What industry are they in? Are they a small concern or multi-national? Then think from their perspectives. What other skills would they like in an employee? If, for instance it is a financial institution they may well be favourable to someone who regularly reads the Financial Times. If they are in healthcare then they may like to know that you have worked in the health-care industry before. So find relevant experiences that the employer would see as "nice to haves".
4. If you are applying via an agency, make sure that in your covering letter to the agent, you mention how you are often kept on for extensions or called back for more work. Agents like people who have their contract extended so mention that to them. It is always a good idea to call the agent and ensure that they understand the relevant points on your CV and relevant points for the agent too.
5. Use Social Media such as LinkedIn, Facebook and google to discover more about the employees and the work place. Not only will this help you with the question, "Do I want to work for them?" But it will also give ideas for what other tit-bits you can flavour your CV with that will help it go that extra mile. For instance I found out from LinkedIn that my potential manager liked to play Dungeons and Dragons. As it happens I was a keen player of this game myself at that time. So I added it as an interest on my CV. Yes, it worked. Consider this, if your skills and experience are a match with other potential employees why will the choose you? This is where this bit of research can be the deciding factor. By the way, don't lie (or over exaggerate) about this. Interestingly enough, it is easy to discover that someone has lied about an interest/hobby than it is about a business skill.
6. I mentioned it above, but it is as important to your CV as all the other points. Ask yourself this, "Does this company deserve you as am employee?" Always come from a position of "I am looking at them to see if they are a fit for me." This isn't arrogance. Far from it, it is a healthy respect for your own abilities and experience. You are a hard-working, loyal, experienced, intelligent and go-the-extra-mile kind of person (if you're not then these need to addressed first) . With that in mind, they are lucky to be having the possibility of employing you. Keep that self-respect at the heart of your CV and interview, this will foster mutual respect, whether you get the position or not.
I hope that these tips have provided you with some extra ammunition when it comes to applying for employment.
Good luck!
Kal Malik is a renowned author, teacher and speaker in the fields of personal/spiritual development, holistic therapies and para-psychology.
For the last twenty years, Kal has been a parapsychological investigator and explorer. As a result of his extensive study and experience in this domain Kal has taught parapsychology for the last 12 years and regularly speaks on related subjects.
Kal has written 10 books on holistic therapies and just finished, “Active Enlightenment – How to Create Miracles”.
Kal holds degrees in Information Technology, Psychology and a Masters in Artificial Intelligence. He is a qualified teacher, holistic therapist, a certified NLP practitioner, life coach, Reiki master and a practitioner of energy harmony. There is more information on his website Original Purity

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