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This is it, you have found the perfect vacancy. You always wanted to move from marketing into business development. You know that you can do it. You know you have all the relevant experience; you’ve been doing the job for the past six months since the restructure. This role is perfect. Hand on heart you can honestly say ‘yes, I have that’ to every single requirement on the job description. So, why, when you write your CV does it say everything about your marketing experience and nothing about business development? Is it because the hiring manager is a mind reader? Or because you are waiting to wow them with the big surprise that you are indeed perfect for the role at interview? I would suggest neither are actually true because your CV just fell foul to the delete key. So what should you say?

We all know that twenty years of eight hours per day, five days per week does not fit into four pages of A4. It is therefore not only reasonable but expected that you only give an overview of what you have done and not list every single task, action and achievement you have ever had. Rather than add a new paragraph to a static document everytime you revamp your CV why not rewrite it? Start from the end and work back. In this case the end point is your destination; I want a role in business development. Now work back from there. What have you been doing in your current role that is relevant to business development? Wow, you have been doing the role for six months, how fantastic, you have the right experience. Now, your last role, what was relevant to a role in business development there? You were dealing with customers, before they ordered. Great! Plus you worked on identifying new markets, fantastic. The role before … you get the picture?

Your CV should be honest and factual. It should also be relevant. You are creating a document that markets the skills and experience you have gained to date that are relevant to the role you are applying for. Of course you can list some things that aren’t, but keep them in perspective. If the role is for finance director and you have been doing the tasks as part of your current job as operations manager you can say; duties commensurate with running a £10m operation across Europe, but if the role you’re applying for doesn’t need someone with skills in logistics management then don’t waste five bullet points detailing everything you have done in that area. Instead, use the space to talk about everything you have done that is listed in the job description.

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