Developing your greatest asset …

There are two kinds of development; skills and self. As you are your greatest asset then both of them are not only a great use of your time but they will be hugely beneficial to your experience of life. On giving a set of students the same test two years running, Einstein is quoted as saying ‘the questions might be the same, but the answers are different’
Explaining this to my teenage nephew I asked my pensioner father how he kept in touch with his friends when he was a boy; the answer, he either saw them outside or he went and knocked on their front door. My nephew uses msn, text and Facebook. The same question but over the course of fifty plus years the answers have completely changed. Therefore it is fair to say that learning something once and saying it is learnt will leave you sadly outdated in your knowledge. You only have to think about the speed of technological change to see how true this statement is.
So, how can you develop yourself? Well, with half a billion new books being published each year there is no shortage of resource. Add to that public libraries and Google and you see that vast quantities of knowledge, on any subject imaginable, are at your fingertips free of charge. The only thing that needs to be added to this equation for it to equal success is your focused attitude. When the choice is Eastenders or increased and improved knowledge which one will you choose? 
To set a plan for self-development think about the person you are on your best days. Then think about the person you most admire; alive or dead, fact or fiction. Which characteristics do they display which you would like to be qualities you demonstrate. Where are the gaps? What could you improve on? If you were tasked with writing your own obituary what would you like it to say about you?
Everything takes practice and people that display amazing skills and discipline in anything are the people that focus on those aspects of their life. If you want to be more positive you can practice being more positive. If you have a supportive friend whom you can engage into your process, ask to be picked up on things that could be rephrased in a more positive fashion. If not, tape your next few telephone conversations; just your end. Then play them back and listen to what you really say. Are you positive? Could you be more so?
Find some positive thought leaders and study them; read their books, look at their websites, follow them on Facebook and Twitter, watch them on YouTube, attend conferences they are speakers at; the list goes on. Listen to what they say and practice what they suggest. A habit takes thirty days to cultivate which means you only have to think about doing something for one month and it will then become your automatic behaviour. The good news is that is easy; you can set an alarm on your phone, write yourself post-it notes to stick here, there and everywhere and remind yourself whilst you programme your new way of being.
Remember the you that you are right now, today created the circumstances of your life as it is. If you want more, you have to be more. I make it my own personal promise to myself to spend thirty minutes per day in self-development exercises; I listen to thought leaders, I take study courses, I attend seminars and events, I read books on subjects I want to improve my own character in. The more positive feedback I get the more inspired I am to continue, because it works. I am changing my life one thought at a time; want to join me?
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