Discover 3 Ways You Can Use LinkedIn to Super-Charge Your Career

Love LinkedIn

LinkedIn is well known as THE place to go online for career networking or to be headhunted

Even though, for most people, having a LinkedIn profile does neither of those two things. So what are the people who are super-charging their careers there doing different?
I am getting ready to tell you in a live call on Tuesday 7 May at 8.15pm BST (that’s UK / London time)
You will want to be on this call if:
Red TickYou are already on LinkedIn but have NO exciting stories to tell of things that’ve happened to you as a result
Red TickYou are ready for the next career step
Red TickYou want to make managing your career, easier to manage
It’s not only a given that people change jobs (and careers), it’s expected. Staying with one organisation for too long can make you unemployable. But how can you move on when no-one replies to your online applications – ever – and you never get approached by recruiters?
Do you know recruiters spend all day every day trawling LinkedIn? They love to find their client that ‘needle in the haystack’ and they can literally spend six hours of an eight hour work day searching for that special person who will fulfil their client’s need. In other words YOU. But if you’re not using LinkedIn the right way, you may never be found. Over 200 million people is a BIG haystack.
Using LinkedIn the right way can get you:
Red TickPromoted to the next rung (or more) of your career ladder
Red TickHeadhunted for that next great job, which will up-level your career and your income
Red TickMore visibility in your current role, perfectly placing you for conversations about speaking, writing, new business opportunities and other career enhancing activities
I’ve been using LinkedIn for nine years and one month, five and a half of those years as a headhunter, the rest as a LinkedIn consultant and trainer. You are not going to believe how easy it is to transform your results and literally super-charge your career.
Join me on Tuesday 7 May at 8.15pm BST (that’s UK / London time) to find out 3 ways you can use LinkedIn to get the career success you dream of
You won’t want to miss this if:
Red TickYou have bigger career dreams than you’re currently living
Red TickYou want to get noticed for that great opportunity
Red TickYou haven’t found any jobs advertised that thrill you, but you know they’re out there…. hiding
Let me know here that you’ll be attending and I’ll be sure to send you all the call info and your handout


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Ps – Once you’ve discovered my 3 ways to super-charge your career you’ll never look back – a recent client has not only changed jobs as a result of my training, she’s changed sector and role… that would be impressive in and of itself… but she was told by a specialist industry recruiter that her dream was ‘impossible’ because her dream job didn’t exist. Not at all. In fact, he said it would never happen. It took just ten days for her perfect job to find her… !!