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To be good at anything takes a level of knowledge and a lot of practice. To improve takes more practice and additional knowledge. To stay at the top of your professional game involves making learning and training part of your regular schedule.
There is such a range of training available. We live in an information age where sometimes it would be easier to receive less ‘noise’ rather than more.
How do you hone down on what is worth studying? Which formats do you choose for your favourite methods of learning?
During the last few months I have gone from running tele-seminars to learning how to relay that same information via video with real time questions and input from class participants. The true wonders of modern technology.
So, is that a great way to learn? Are you more visual than you are audio? Do things ‘stick’ faster and easier if you see the person that is teaching? Does that need to be real time or can it be via a pre-recorded video?
Options for courses these days are as many and varied as the course subjects themselves. Books, eBooks, online training, CDs, tele-courses, videos, DVDs, live videos with real time interaction, webinars and of course, the classroom and live events.
Whatever subject you want to study, at whichever level you want to study at, is probably available in any one of these forms. So is it important who is delivering the information or is the format (and content) king?
Deciding which method works for you by way of improving your knowledge could make the difference between ‘getting it’ and finding a subject dry, complicated or downright confusing.
Learning to use technical things via video makes them much easier. You watch what someone does, you can see exactly where they are clicking and you can replicate that yourself. Almost like learning by numbers. Whereas reading the same information in a book can be at best a head-scratching experience.
Perhaps the format you prefer changes depending on the content? Before you get signed up, or volunteer, for your next training programme, perhaps it is worth investigating the formats and finding the course that allows you to truly understand the content?
Are you frustrated by your career success (or lack of it)? Are you really good at what you do but you just can’t work out how to get someone to realise? Is it difficult to get taken seriously where you are? Do you just wish you could find your dream job and be happy?
There’s nothing wrong with you. Most people have felt like you do at some point in their career. We are your career solution experts. Find out how to work with us here

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