Dream Dream Dream, They Do Come True

Written by Anne-Marie Jennings

If I asked anyone who is currently reading this article, I am almost certain that each and every one of you has an ultimate dream job.

For some, the dream may be a dark secret no one — not even those closest to you — know you even have. For others, the secret is known to just about everyone, but the dream seems to be out of reach — for good.

Three weeks ago, I found myself one giant step closer to my ultimate dream job. I have been accepted into a post-secondary program that, while it may not ensure my future success is guaranteed, my participation on what I ultimately take away from the program.

The funny thing is, this program has been around for 18 years. And yet, I only heard about its existence two years ago, when I had seriously begun to look at my options for working towards my dream instead of simply spending most of my time dreaming about making it happen.

And yet as I sit and write this article, the only thing that is running through my head is the countless ways I could ruin my best chance of reaching my dream before I even begin the program — it doesn’t even start for another two months at the earliest.

So why is it that when we find ourselves on the path towards that ultimate dream job we begin to fear its realization? Why, when there exists the possibility of getting everything we have ever wanted, do we try and find ways to sabotage every dream we have every hoped to achieve in our lives?

Is it simply a cause of “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t”? Would we rather keep dreaming than actually take a risk and maybe — just maybe — get what we want for a change?

Because once we achieve our dream, what’s next? What becomes our next goal, our next dream job?

Well…what would be the fun in knowing everything before it actually happened?

Why did I take so much time doing other things when I could have found myself on this very path years ago? Why did I have to wait until I really had nothing to lose to take a risk…and maybe achieve that dream I have always wanted?

Maybe because I was finally at a point where I had really nothing left to lose that I could. The only remaining option for me was to really think about what I wanted — because I had the option of time — and perhaps a hint of desperation — in feeling as this might be my last chance to really follow my heart.

For me, I’m not really sure why I was waiting. Every single job I have ever had relates directly to this dream, and it’s never been much of a secret as to what I wanted to do – just anyone who even knows me just a little bit. In many ways, I have held on to my dream – but perhaps a bit too tightly.

On the other hand, knowing that I have thrown caution to the wind in days gone by and taken a risk makes it somewhat easier to yet again to jump in with both feet. But I have also been fairly vocal about my hopes and aspirations for the future – without much follow through. Up until now, I have been all talk and very little action.

So I went ahead and tried to reach my ultimate dream. I really had nothing to lose, because the worst thing they could do is say no.

But they said yes — and a whole lot quicker than I even expected to receive any kind of answer at all. And come January, the hard work begins as I set off on a journey which I have dreamed about my entire life….

I can’t wait.

After more than 20 years of real world experience, Anne-Marie Jennings could write just about anything – and probably has. Whether Anne-Marie was working as the sole employee of a bimonthly publication in the Arctic, as a Sports editor who also developed black & white film, or even as a Compliance Officer for Canada Post Corporation, Anne-Marie’s jobs have all involved the written word.

Now firmly entrenched among the under-employed, Anne-Marie will provide an unique perspective on finding your true career path – from the viewpoint of someone on that very search for herself. As she provides her insight through her contributions to the site, Anne-Marie is excited to begin the journey – and perhaps in doing so, finding her own way.

To find out more about Anne-Marie and her life in the Canadian North check out her blog

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