How To Get That Job

by Julie Holmwood

The Easy Way!

Do you remember your mother saying; 'We can do this one of two ways. The easy way… or the hard way.'
If you were anything like me, you didn't always pick the easy option back then.
But wouldn't it be nice now, when life seems busier. There are more time pressures. More financial obligations. So wouldn't it  be great if there was an easy way to get certain things done?

Getting a new job for one!

How did that get SO hard?
I have a theory about that. It's about the volume of CVs we all send… and the logistical nightmare that presents for each and every recruiter, hiring manager and employer. One word. Headache!
Did you know that a lot of the time CVs don't get read by a real person? They are sifted by 'intelligent' software.
Statistics for the companies who do look at your CV say they read it for 6 seconds before they decide to read it properly… or dismiss it out of hand.
That means, in the time it took you to read the last three sentences, someone, somewhere, was discarding your CV.
Because my mission for the last fourteen years has been to get your application noticed, I have been working on a solution (of course!)

The easy answer now is to create an application video

Not a word document. Or a PDF. A video.
Whether your job search is a secret (because you have a job) or 'out there' (because you don't), creating a video of you works.
89% of hiring managers and recruiters surveyed said they would watch a CV submission. By our estimation that is about 64% more people than will read your CV. Ever.
Bear in mind we are one of the 25% who will! That doesn't leave you with very many budget wielding, job signed-off, hiring-now managers to give you so much as a cursory 6 second scan read of your old-style application.
The great news is that in less than six weeks you could be with a professional team, shooting a BBC quality video, that will get you that new job.
The bad news is we only have twelve spaces…
If you are openly looking for a new job and you don't mind who knows it, this is for you.
If you already have a job but are actively job hunting, or dipping your toe in, this is for you.
If you are a consultant and you would love to have your next job lined up, when this project finishes, this is for you.
To make sure you now secure one of the twelve spots and to also take advantage of the early bird discount, reserve your place now.
InterviewAuthor of 'Get That Interview' and 'Clickst@rt Your Career' Julie is The Job Seeker's Guide. She works with thousands of clients through her audio and web-based programmes, helping them get 'job search fit' and successfully navigate their way into that new role
Select clients are able to apply to work with Julie one-to-one
Before joining Churchill Brook in 2009, she spent twelve years as an international headhunter, where she successfully helped her clients recruit exceptionally well-matched people, who were passionate about doing a job well done. Julie is an expert at getting candidates noticed by companies and had one of the highest success ratios for CV submission to hire that we know of within the recruitment industry

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