Help! I’ve Fallen Into a Vacuum (space not cleaner)

It seems that the only person in the entire world who knows anything about me is…. um, me!

Falling below the radar happens to most of us at some point in time. Sometimes it’s deliberate. Time out. Room for reflection. A time to regroup.
Maybe you have been so busy at work, you haven’t had time to network, attend events or go on any external training courses?
Perhaps the Internet and all those silly faddy social media sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest…) are for time-wasters, fools and generally less-important people?
Until, that is, you want a new job!

Knowing people is key in today’s world

Do you remember my favourite Bob Burg quote?
It isn’t just what you know, and it isn’t just who you know. It’s actually who you know, who knows you, and what you do for a living.
Never has that been as true as right now!
Yesterday I read that Google are again the top choice of employer for recent graduates. Today I started working with a new client who wants to work for… you guessed it. Google! Typically they receive 1000 applicants for every job role. So how do you get to be one of the ten(?) they even interview?
‘Fred said we should see his friend, Joe’ carries more impact than being email number 348 on Tuesday.

We have all met some ‘Fred’s’

People who are connected. People who know people.
Do you keep yours on your Christmas Card list?
When you are busy and life is good, do you remember that life is seasonal? When you are harvesting a bumper crop of wonderful because you planted well in Spring, do you think about Winter?
Have you always got one ear to the ground and one Fred on speed dial?
When life is good you are a great networker (if you go out there and do it). You have energy, vitality, humour and joie de vivre. You probably also have stuff to give; contact names, introductions, recommendations, project work.
Make time to be a friend to someone during their Winter. Not only is giving one of the greatest feelings in life. One day, maybe now, it will be your turn again and you will enjoy the helping hand.
If you are all out of Fred's and you need one, come and find me on LinkedIn
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