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Set yourself goals in real time. ‘It is 30 November 2011 and I have just received my xyz diploma in the post’ is much more compelling than ‘studying for a diploma in xyz’. Consider setting your goals by using the smart or smarter methodology; it works! Then run a mind-storm session (like brainstorming but on your own) with ideas on steps you can take to achieve your dream. Don’t worry about ‘how’ you will do it. There are always opportunities presenting themselves and a vast part of your life is yet to unfold and be revealed to you. Just consider some possibilities. So if your goal is to be promoted to the role of manager you might do the following; Set the goal in real time as part of your future; ‘It is 03 January 2012 and I am so excited to be going back to work after the Christmas break as I am now managing the team’ Research what the role of manager involves and requires. Now do a skills assessment to see where you can train, improve, add knowledge and skill to match. List those things;

  • Experience using Excel to create and manipulate data
  • Running reports to track team progress to target
  • Able to demonstrate ability to motivate self and others

 Now mind-storm things that you could do to achieve those three things. You might include going on a course to study Excel. Speak to your boss about learning the reporting system within your current environment. Ask your boss if you can take that on as a responsibility even if it means staying late twice a week to do it in your own time. Set yourself a challenge that will take self-motivation to achieve. Volunteer to coach your child’s sports club to perfect motivating others. Once you get going with your mind-storming you will be amazed how many options there are to achieve any and all of your list and therefore closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Next pick the ways that are the most suited to achieving your goal in the timescales; if you look up two courses and one completes before your goal and the other, although more in-depth completes after, you need to either take the one that completes earlier or move the date on your goal. Either is a good idea. Now make a promise to yourself to look for other ways to close your gap and to be flexible as to other things you don’t know yet. Then make a start. Don’t wait for perfection, you will be waiting a long time. Just start and you will be amazed how far you get and how quickly you get there!

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