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Gratitude is such a powerful emotion. It can move us from a place of isolation into total love in seconds. Oprah Winfrey states ‘The single greatest thing you can do to change your life today would be to start being grateful for what you have right now, and the more grateful you are, the more you get.’

So what should you be grateful about, how often, why and what will happen to you?

You can be grateful about anything that makes you feel good. You will see the more reasons you find to feel grateful the more subjects you will think of to express gratitude for. It is like an increasing spiral of happiness. The best way to really focus in on the emotions is to use a journal. Make a time each day, possibly as you are going to bed, to sit and write five things that you are grateful for that have happened to you today. Any five; I arrived at the office and found the perfect parking place, When I went to make tea the kettle was just boiled and there was enough water for me, My boss complimented me on my email to our new client, Someone held the door open for me, My friend phoned just when I wanted to talk to her. You get the picture. They don’t have to be big and they don’t have to be connected to each other, but you do need to feel grateful as you write them down.

The first few days or so it will feel odd, you might have to really sift through your day to find anything and then all of a sudden it is like someone opened the gates and whoosh, ideas just come to you; I’m grateful for the sunshine, I’m grateful for my neighbour putting my bin out, I’m grateful for my phone battery lasting through the long call I wanted to make. Next you will find yourself looking for things to be grateful for as you go through the day. It will become exciting and you will find yourself giggling as you find things. What you focus on expands, so the more things you find to be grateful for the more things there will be. Oh my, you could write five an hour now, or more!

Quantum physics and the Law of Attraction both say ‘that which is like unto itself is drawn’ meaning that we attract more of what we are at our essence. So if we are happy grateful people we attract more happy grateful people. It is like magic, they just appear from nowhere. Plus people in our life tend to get happier, around us anyway. So there is more and more happiness in your life. Even more things to be grateful for. As it expands so you will find good things accompany the happy people. New offers, better deals on old offers, more opportunity and generally more of what we have been wanting. Guess what, there is a load more stuff to be grateful for. Can you see how it all just spirals?

This is such an amazing joy bringer and shifter of life experience I can’t even begin to describe to you the happiness you are going to find once you start doing it. Some of you might be sceptical. I think I probably was, way back when. An approach, is to treat it like an experiment. You don’t have to believe it to do it, but doing it might make you believe it. Commit to yourself to try for thirty days as an experiment. Just to see what happens, if nothing else you can email me your results and say ‘Ha!’ The one tip I would give you though is to find the emotion behind the words. Feel the gratitude as you write the journal. The more feeling you can conjure the greater the result you will have.

You are going through the next thirty days anyway, you have a deal with life to show up and be accountable every day, so for the sake of ten minutes, if this has a 1% chance of making your life better, surely you owe it to yourself to take it?

In gratitude to you for joining me in this article today; I thank you!

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