Having a High ‘Havingness Quotient’

Written by Lynn Scheurell

Havingness is such a great subject, let me tell you why …

“You will become as small as your controlling desire; as great as your dominant aspiration.”  
~ James Allen

Imagine that you’ve gotten everything you ever wanted… the life partner, the house, the car, the clothes, the physique, the friends, the money, the lifestyle…

Now what?

If you’re like most humans, it’s likely that you’ll sabotage yourself in “having it all”. We here in the Western world are actually socialized to be in continuous striving; that is, we don’t know how to have and enjoy everything we’ve worked for and received because if we have it, our culture says we’re not working hard enough, or infers that we don’t know what to do if we don’t have tangible goals. 

Imagine a train chugging up a steep incline, with its engine working hard… when it gets to the top, what does it do? It goes down – logic says that there’s no other way to go. But what if there WAS another way? What if when the train got to the top, it got to cruise along a plateau rather than drop down? If you can now put yourself in that picture as the train, you’ll see that you naturally keep working hard (going up) or know how to cope with not having the top (going down); however, you likely don’t know how to cruise the topmost plateau you’ve attained.

I call this the “Havingness Quotient”. It doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but it is descriptive.

The higher your “Havingness Quotient”, the easier it will be for you to hold on to and enjoy your achievements – and vice-versa. You might even think of this as “abundance self-esteem”. If you have a low “Havingness Quotient”, you will proportionately experience the “downside” of what you want and work toward. In that case, you will find yourself comfortably in discomfort as you “re-tread” what you’ve always done.

So how do you increase your “Havingness Quotient”?

Three Things You Can Do Today:

1.       Ask for more than enough. Often people don’t think big enough in terms of their own abundance (including fees for their services!). Our limited thinking and expectations will keep us in the work hard mode, chugging up our personal hills. Ask for the most you think you can have – and then double it! The first time you do that, it can be mind-blowing… one of my clients asked for $4000 in income monthly, which when doubled, became $8000. This was inconceivable to her, until she reconciled her books the next month – she discovered she actually generated $9000 that month for the first time in her life!

2.       Watch where you are giving. We cannot enjoy our own “Havingness Quotient” if we give away all the good stuff. Part of the reason that we are here is to ENJOY what we are creating. Now, that’s not to say you shouldn’t share – I’m all about that! However, if you are a chronic over-giver (and I know that one personally!), you need to consider where you are leaking what you have because it could be draining your “Havingness”, which keeps you in overwork and less joyful for your own benefit.

3.       Look at your self-sabotage patterns. The good news about being human is that we can be our own observers. We can actually see where we are tripping ourselves up if we look close enough, because it’s a familiar pattern. I see clients who go into “drama” or focus on external “noise” because they don’t know how to handle abundance. Others will go 90% of the way and then quit on a nearly successful project, and I’ve seen others yet who stay in the preparation for the preparation of the preparation… you get the idea. They’re not moving forward. It could be that people don't know how to be if they're not striving anymore – they just don't know what to expect if they have it all. Look at where you are potentially sabotaging your own “Havingness”.

My intention is that you receive and enjoy all that you want and more… because if you increase your “Havingness Quotient”, you are living on purpose and you’re setting a positive example which will ultimately benefit everyone around you.  
Lynn Scheurell, Creative Catalyst, helps people honor their natural gifts and connect to what matters in sharing them for faster soul-driven business results. Having walked the path of being a soul-driven entrepreneur for over a decade, she teaches renaissance souls how to gain clarity on their purpose. From there, it's vital to align everything they do to be an expression of their gift through their business while working with practical business systems. Download a free report to learn "Own the Wisdom Within: Five Keys to Using Life’s Turning Points for Transformational Success" at http://www.mycreativecatalyst.com
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