Hire ME and Hurry Up About It!

Written by Anne-Marie Jennings

I've been on the 'hire me' treadmill and it’s been a while since I’ve contributed anything for you.

Mainly because I really haven’t had much to say.

I have, of late, been fighting that heartless demon despair. I have been looking for a job for some time now, and the only thing I have to show for my 'hire me' efforts is a dwindling bank account.

Having a sense of being close to actually finding a new job can be both exhilarating and endlessly frustrating, mostly because you can feel that something is about to shift but there is a feeling of impatience that remains prevalent. It’s been long enough since I have not had a proper job, and the waiting has become interminable.

As just about anyone will attest, looking for a job can be a humbling experience. We are expected to sell ourselves and our abilities to anyone who might listen and then it is those people who ultimately decide if they think we are worthy enough to hire to work in their company. And the final decision on who is hired can be a most arbitrary choice; you might be the person who had the best answer for one of the questions; you may have asked the right questions; you may have been wearing the right suit; or you might have even been the first person they interviewed after their first cup of coffee. In fact, you may never truly understand exactly why the person making the final decision decided you were the right person for to hire.

Which makes being the wrong person all that more painful. After a certain period of time, you begin to think the problem must be with you, because you are qualified for a host of jobs and having no success at actually securing a job.

That, my friends, is where my mind set has been for the past few weeks. I have become completely convinced that the problem rests with me. For whatever the reason, it’s not my skills and abilities that are the problem — it’s me as a whole package.

Irrational to some extent, I know, but that is how I have felt for a little while. I had applied to enough places and had enough interviews (without getting anywhere) to start to believe that the problem was not necessarily in the quality of the resume I was presenting, but in the quality of the person I was presenting to any potential employer.

Until this week, when project 'hire me' took on a new turn.

As I was working on this article (which I must admit took place over the course of a few days), I received a telephone message from someone who had been sent my resume by someone with whom I had worked on my last contract. They wanted to know if I was still looking, if I was still available, and if I could come meet with them as soon as possible.
And by the time I left the meeting, I had been offered a one-year contract with the potential for more should circumstances change. But if the contract was only one year, there would be the possibility of finding something else within the same organization – even something to which I might be perfectly suited.

So — as is usually the case — when you finally reach the point of giving up hope that anyone will hire you — you are given a sign that your struggle has not necessarily been in vain.

After almost a year of futility, of searching, of sending out resumes, of hoping that someone would finally realize what they were missing by not hiring me immediately, finally there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

And while I remain aware of the fact that a one-year contract does not make for a secure future, I can now move forward with a sense of hope for the future. The lessons and experiences of the past year will only serve to infuse my actions and decisions for the next year and beyond, and they have also provided of crucial survival techniques that will serve me well in my work life from this point forward.

At last — the drought in my professional life is over for the next little while. As I prepare to begin my new adventure/challenge, I am heartened to know that I have yet again gone through the fire and come out the other end no more worse for wear.

Soon I will leave the land of the unemployed and under-employed for a while…I look forward to finding out where the next leg of my journey will take me.

After more than 20 years of real world experience, Anne-Marie Jennings could write just about anything – and probably has. Whether Anne-Marie was working as the sole employee of a bimonthly publication in the Arctic, as a Sports editor who also developed black & white film, or even as a Compliance Officer for Canada Post Corporation, Anne-Marie’s jobs have all involved the written word.

Now firmly entrenched among the under-employed, Anne-Marie will provide an unique perspective on finding your true career path – from the viewpoint of someone on that very search for herself. As she provides her insight through her contributions to the site, Anne-Marie is excited to begin the journey – and perhaps in doing so, finding her own way.

To find out more about Anne-Marie and her life in the Canadian North check out her blog
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