How to Make the Job Hunt YOU for Employment

Written by Darren Monroe

How to Make the Job Hunt You for Employment

Though this is commonly referred to as a recession let us look deep into that definition. Because understanding a thing helps us deal with it accordingly. A recession is defined as "a business cycle contraction, a general slowdown in economic activity over a period of time." So basically as we all know that means a tougher job market and heavier competition. In this environment it becomes a questions of quality over quantity. And your real job is to stand out.
You need a USP
The people who always stay employed and highly paid have an edge. But it is not the edge that you think. They are always ahead of the curve. They are never short of a great job. Usually many think it is because they "network" more or have "connections". No doubt that these things are important to getting a job. But often too much emphasis is placed on these strategies alone. This is not the edge I was referring about when it comes to standing out. What you need is a unique selling proposition or USP. A unique selling proposition is something that your competition either can't or wont offer. See the reason most people are unemployed while the top performers are always employed comes down to the USP factor. So lets delve a little more into the details.

Positioning Anyone?
Positioning begins with the understanding that you are NOT begging at someones feet for a job. You have to reposition your thinking. Yes millions are losing jobs. But have you looked in detail the exact type of people losing jobs? Many are what I call in the middle or lower performers. They weren't the top performers. They were not indispensable. Indispensable people only lose jobs by mistake. In fact employers compete to keep top performers. How do you become indispensable? Keep reading.

They are Top performers in their job because

They understand that knowledge is NOT power. It is only potential power. Their ability to actually use that knowledge is power. The best part is that they attract like minded people. Being the best, attracting the best because they are doing their best. That is why they are the top untouchable performers. Their level of expectation in their performance is higher than others.


They are Hard to Replace in their job because

They are the ones who overstand how things work in your company. Drop them anywhere and they shine. They are able to piece the companies mission and concept and know how to apply their talents (strengths) for optimal results. Removing them is like removing your heart and they (top performers) know it. They are the least hardest to train at anything. In fact they are the actual trainers in many cases.
They know a secret that only entrepreneurs understand
I remember when corporate America came up with a way to train their employees. See they thought it was a brilliant idea to train their workers to become entrepreneurial in their thinking. Well the top performers took that training seriously. They began to develop the most important acronym anyone can have on the money making planet called MSI. Multiple Sources of Income or commonly called MSI is something that the top performers always have. Now let me be clear when I say that I am NOT referring to having multiple jobs. I am talking about ways where the top earners earn from their skill set and education in other non conflicting arenas. For instance if you know about insurance then why the heck are you just working at a job? You could blog and build a following based on your knowledge. Help others and they will trust you as an authority figure. Authority figures earn more. They can write ebooks, books, consult and do live webinars and make more money every time. The employee that does this is considered super valuable because not only do they know their industry. But they LEAD it through innovative ideas.
How to get Employers wanting YOU instead of THEM
Same reason someone of the opposite sex wants someone who doesn't need to be wanted. Anyone or thing in demand is always of interest. Like I said in the beginning quality over quantity. Less time training or spent on finding someone all together. Become an authoritative leader in your industry based on your application of specialized knowledge. If you want top dollar, constant streams of money, and employers fighting over you. Then you will follow my advise because your money is waiting on you!
Darren Scott Monroe is an Entrepreneur, Marketer, Motivator, Business Consultant, and Writer. He generates Online Business Ideas on his website and his work has been featured in major publications such as Forbes, where he advised people about online entrepreneurship. Darren is a constant practitioner of Social Media mastery, with a social network of over 100,000 on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. He is also a member of over 100 online international groups.
Darren’s career began in marketing and he has worked for Motown, Universal, DreamWorks, Verve, Interscope Geffen, and Clear Channel Radio the largest radio conglomerate in the United States. His client list (past and present) includes Nissan, Island Records, DefJam, Sony, and the Barrack Obama 2008 Campaign
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