How Valuable Are You?

Written by Kal Malik
It is from the depth of my heart that I can say we “belong” to this world, more than that we belong to life. The myriad and depth of connections that exist provide us with a clarity that we can hold on onto with the certainty of stone.
An argument that I often hear is one that goes something like this, “yes, but if we are all important then surely that means that no one is important.” My first response to this question is to answer it with another question, “So at least you think that everyone in the world (including yourself) is important?”
There is however another, personally empowering, perspective.
Let us imagine that you are the owner of an old curiosity shop. One day a man brings to you a one hundred-piece jigsaw puzzle. The scene on the box depicts the most beautiful country picture you have ever beheld. Almost instantly you know that it is a priceless picture.

As you open the box to examine the beautifully etched pieces you haggle with the man and eventually reach a price that is respectful of the splendour of the puzzle.

Fortunately for you the seller is an honest soul and admits that alas one of the pieces of the puzzle is missing.
Now, knowing that one of the pieces is missing would you still offer the man the same price for the puzzle? Surely not, for the value of the whole has diminished by the lack of a single piece.
Consider for a moment that the world is a beautiful jigsaw puzzle, with each person represented by a piece of the puzzle. Each piece is inextricably entwined with those that surround it.
Not only does each piece create a part of the picture but each piece “holds” the picture together too. In its entirety it is whole, complete and perfect. What of its value? Incalculable.
What then, if a single piece was missing? The piece that represents you. What would the world be worth then?
Consider this also, it doesn’t matter which piece is missing, if one were to be so then the value of the whole diminishes.
And this is why you, although you are as important as anyone else, are individually and uniquely important too and the “value” of the world would be considerably diminished without you.

Kal Malik is a renowned author, teacher and speaker in the fields of personal/spiritual development, holistic therapies and para-psychology.

For the last twenty years, Kal has been a parapsychological investigator and explorer. As a result of his extensive study and experience in this domain Kal has taught parapsychology for the last 12 years and regularly speaks on related subjects.

Kal has written 10 books on holistic therapies and just finished, “Active Enlightenment – How to Create Miracles”.

Kal holds degrees in Information Technology, Psychology and a Masters in Artificial Intelligence. He is a qualified teacher, holistic therapist, a certified NLP practitioner, life coach, Reiki master and a practitioner of energy harmony. There is more information on his website Original Purity
It is easy to transfer this method of thinking to your organisation. No matter where you are in the hierarchy, your contribution is essential and necessary to complete the corporate puzzle
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