If you can dream it …

If you can dream it you can do it is a fairly well known expression and one that we are all familiar with in it’s essence. Someone had to dream the first car, aeroplane, mobile phone, electricity, light bulb … the list goes on and on and on. So how does that translate into your life? Surely if they can, you can?

When reading anything about any of the prime examples of extraordinary achievement they all say the same thing; I focused on what I wanted, believed it with all my being and kept on looking for a way to make it so. I think for a lot of people it is easy to get caught up in ‘reality’ and become the hamster on the wheel of life; running and running and running just to get nowhere. If you and the hamster were to get off the wheel and run in a straight line, how far would you get and how long would it take you to achieve a dream? Not so long I imagine. So how do you do that?

Always start with the end in mind. Find a goal. Decide on it. Write it down. Cut out pictures and post them in a place you can see them often. Then make a commitment to yourself; promise yourself that you will believe you can achieve your goal and that you will commit your life to making it so, promise yourself to take a little activity step towards your goal each and every day and agree to make all decisions with your goal in mind.

This doesn’t mean that you will get there without hiccup or interruption. Edison successfully discovered 1000 ways to not make a light bulb before he discovered one that did. Michael Jordan has missed more than 9000 shots in his career to become possibly the greatest basketball player to date. Lance Armstrong famously said ‘if you worried about falling off the bike, you would never get on’. Not only is that a great quote to take you into winning the Tour de France but a great analogy for life. If your focus is on failure and falling off your bike you are not going to do what it takes to make it so.

If I can give you one piece of wisdom to take away it would be that when you believe it you will see it.

For help making your dream a reality or making the transition from where you are to where you want to be please contact one of our Consultant Coaches at churchillbrook@gmail.com

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