Interview Follow-up …

Your interviews went well. You’ve met all the key people. Answered and asked all the questions. Done an awesome presentation and the Company have said they will let you know within the next two weeks whether or not you have been successful. If you are like me the waiting is the hard part (I even open my Christmas presents at just gone midnight, so it is officially Christmas Day, but …).

Well, the first thing I would say is don’t just sit and wait. Send a thank you email to everyone you just met at interview. Most companies have a standard email address format so if you know the names of the interviewers and the address of one, using the same format for the others should work. Thank them for the meeting, reiterate your interest and then state the reasons why this role and their Company really appeal to you;

I would like to confirm that I am extremely interested in this position. I gained skills in sales, marketing and business development during both my current and previous roles and I think that I have the right amount of knowledge to be successful over and beyond the key targets you specified of x, y and z. I find selling and all forms of marketing so stimulating and identifying and developing new markets is my main inspiration in my career to date. As a Company you have really sparked my interest because your moral code is identical to that by which I live my life; I too believe that delivering more than I promise and helping clients reach their goals are key to satisfaction for both us and them. I have given this opportunity a lot of thought over the last (length of interview period) and I really believe that we are a perfect fit for each other. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and decision on hiring me for your team.

Indicate the key points for both sides; what they are looking for, what you have and where you see the match to be. Then state why you want to work for them. Every Company I ever worked with during my twelve years in recruitment, was looking to hire the person that could not only do the job and fit within the team but the person that wanted to do the job and who would bring passion, excitement and desire to the role. It is a big investment of money but mostly of time to hire someone new and the key decisions post interview are;

  • Will this person fit with us as a team and Company?
  • Will they be able to do the job well?
  • Will they want to do the job well?
  • Will they stay working for us (or is this something to pay the bills in the short-term)?


If you believe that they are the right Company for you and you are therefore the right person for them say so. Tell them why you think that. State your positives both in what they will get and in how it will be perfect for you (although stating; this is the ideal job for me because your office is right next to my daughter’s school is probably one to avoid listing)

Now, sit back, accept that you will know on the date they have given you. Mark it on your calendar and get on with doing other things. Before you know it that phone is going to ring!

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