When Is An Interview, Not An Interview?

by Julie Holmwood

Answer: Never!


An Interview is always an Interview!

Yesterday I was involved in a conversation about an interview that was happening today. The primary question being:
If I’ve been invited to go in for an informal chat with an assistant manager, do I need to dress up or can I wear smart casual?
My response was an interview is always an interview. Every time. 100%. No exceptions.
Because you only ever get one chance to make a first impression, so you want to make it count.
Because you never know what other roles the interviewer knows about, both current and pending.
Because you want to be the candidate who stands out from the crowd of applicants for all the right reasons.

Two true interview stories:

Some years ago. About a hundred I think. I went for a job as an advertising sales exec. The vacancy was to sell advertising to small local businesses and one-man-bands (they were called that back then –solo-preneurs hadn’t been invented).
I attended the interview. Put my very best foot forward. I not only got offered the job. I got offered a job selling recruitment advertising to blue-chips and corporate accounts. A vacancy that was created for me by making some internal adjustments to the sales team.
She went for the interview today. The informal chat with the assistant manager turned out to be a formal interview with the assistant manager and the group managing director.
The job morphed from one of part-time kitchen assistant to that of cashier. BUT the probability is that it will become an office job. Accounts Manager. Office Manager. PA to the Group Managing Director.
Watch this space… and in the meantime, dress to impress.
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