A Job For Life

Do you dream about job security?


Would you want a job for life?

Written by Julie Holmwood
This past weekend has been a long one in the UK. Four days to be precise.
Now I know we have four day weekends at Easter, or when we take annual leave, but not like this. Never for this reason.
This weekend, we have celebrated our Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. 60 years on the throne.

It got me thinking about work and having a job for life.

Not something most of us are familiar with anymore, unless we happen to have been born royal. Or into a family with an empire that demands the same kind of loyalty that comes with royalty.
 For most of us, having a bad day means going home and moaning to those we live with.
Having five bad days on the trot is a get together with friends to bemoan your fate.
Thirty or more consecutive days where you hate your job and out go the CV applications and in goes the resignation letter. That’s it. Life should be better than this. You’re off!
But what about if you are born into your job?
Would that be a good thing (absolute security and stability) or would that be a bad thing (almost no opportunity to resign… even if you might want to)?
Could you imagine working in the same job, day-in, day-out for sixty years? Can you imagine working (often being on your feet for extended periods of time) until you’re 86 or older?
What would it be like to have to keep doing what you’re doing? Keeping a stiff upper lip and a firmly placed smile in view for all who are looking? Faking happiness on those days and moments when it didn’t naturally appear.

Would you be happier in a job if you knew it was your job to be happy?

Do you think in our disposable lifestyles, where we throw away marriages with our milk cartons, we have become too quick to jump ship from our employers too?
Many things in life are uncertain. I know employers play their part in our fluctuating career paths.
We will never make 60 years of long-term service, you and I. Maybe you are one of the ones who won’t even make 10.
Does change enhance us and make us better able to cope with whatever life throws at us? Are you a better employee because you’ve learnt to be more flexible and adaptable? Or do you just carry a little pot of anxious in the pit of your stomach as a result of never knowing where the road is going to take you next?
I have been debating this ALL weekend and would love to hear your thoughts…
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