Job Search Warriors

For the fearless (yet sometimes terrified), job seeker

Who wants to captivate that employer and get their dream job.

Are you struggling to get noticed in the job jungle?

Have you done what worked last time you were looking for a new job, but this time got nowhere?
Do you love the idea that it takes team work to make the dream work but wonder why that doesn’t apply to finding dream jobs?
Would you like to have access to the keys to successful job search, without the outlay of hiring a private guide?

Welcome to the Job Search Warriors

When: Every Wednesday at 12noon or 8pm UK classes last 60 minutes
Where: Your computer or phone
How much: £47 per month (that's £1.54 per day! – less than a cup of coffee!!!)
If you are looking for a new job and you want to learn just how to get it you are in the right place.
Together we will:
          Explore tips, tricks and techniques that make new jobs happen
          Cover tried and tested methods
          Exchange ideas, and
          Support each other into that dream job
There are lots of reasons this approach works:
          Two heads are better than one
          You don’t know what you don’t know
          The world of recruitment has changed and you need to change with it
          I have 17 years experience of working in job search 40+ hours a week (that’s over 30,000 hours!)


How can you become a Job Search Warrior?

Just click the link below and once your name is down, you’re in.
It really is that easy!
We will meet every week, on a Wednesday. Dial in to the call, or log on via your computer, laptop, iPad or phone. We can either meet at 12noon or 8pm, whichever is easier for you on any particular week (it’s flexible, you’re not committed to one slot). If you miss class one week for any reason, don’t worry. There will be a recording sent direct to your inbox to play at your leisure.
We will cover a new topic every other week
Our format on each subject will be – week of learning – followed by a week of questions and answers.
Learn new stuff in the first session. Think about it. Apply it. Write down your questions and we will go through them in the second session. So everything will be clear, no matter what your situation, or how diverse your career path.
During our time together we will cover these topics and more; these fall into three key phases of your job search:
          Writing your CV – what to include and what you should definitely leave out. Always.
          Covering letters – should you, shouldn’t you? Does it work for some jobs better than others?
          LinkedIn – do you need to have a profile? What should it say? How will it benefit your job search?
          Video – why and when are people using video? What would you say? Can you use your iPhone?
          Recruiters – why they never reply to you. Why they expect you to jump if they contact you. How to get them on your side so you’re put forward for that job.
          Networking – is it always about breakfast meetings? Would you be wasting your time? Who you absolutely need to know and why. And how to make sure you meet them.
          Social Media – where you need to have profiles. And when you don’t. What you can say to help you get hired. And what will get you fired off the interview list faster than you can hit ‘enter’
          Interviews – what to wear, what to say, great answers to tough questions. What you should ask them and why. Why you should never be the one to mention money first and other BIG no no’s.
          Phone-Calls and Follow-ups – should you make a call after you’ve sent an application? After you had an interview? When you’re waiting for an offer? What do you say on voicemail? How long do you wait to be called back? How many calls are too many?
          Presentations – why companies ask you to give one and what it should (and mustn’t) include. How to deliver it. The role of props. Killing your interviewer with PowerPoint. What to take on the day. Regaining composure if it takes a bad turn.
          Job Offers – how to negotiate a great package. The benefit of benefits. Why it’s sometimes better to have the extras… and other times best to have hard cash. What to do when you get a job offer from a small company that doesn’t yet have a benefit structure. Are they a good employer even if there’s no pension? Does money really make the world go round, or should the perfect offer contain the x-factor more?
          Settling in – you got that perfect job, now you want to shine. How to settle in, over achieve and wow your dream employer. Find out the secrets that have made some of my clients be tagged ‘the best person we ever hired’. Forward planning. Promotion and prospects.
So Warriors, the truth is there is a lot of ground to cover and getting that perfect job is not easy. But I will teach you everything I know and you will be able to do it.
Why are you my Warriors?
Because you are crossing new frontiers. You are charting new territory. And for that you have to be brave. Fearless (whilst terrified). You are a warrior because you are a person of character, of wisdom and of insight. You hold your head high because you know you live to the best of your ability; with honour and integrity. Through it all, you shoot for excellence in everything you do.
Welcome Job Search Warrior. I am excited to welcome you to this group. Where you will find great knowledge and like minds.

          You get all of the calls – come twice every week if you want to.
          Plus you get the recordings, so you can listen again.
          You get a worksheet listing the key points and your weekly ‘To Do’ list
          You get your questions answered in live question and answer sessions, with me, Julie Holmwood
          You get access to a private Facebook group, only accessible to the Job Search Warriors. There you can network, chat, ask questions and support each other, throughout the week.
          As a special welcome – and to give you a great head start – I will include a FREE CV review. Available on our website at the currently discounted price of £77.
Julie is an excellent professional Career Coach and provided me with great service. She is a pleasure to work with always encourages and supports. Julie's knowledge of how to approach the CV and the consequent interviews really assisted me to build my own confidence each step of the way, which as resulted in a number of senior offers in a very short period of time. I would highly recommended Julie to anyone as Career Coach
~ Patricia Rhodes-Cavanagh

Payments are billed monthly in advance, on a rolling month-by-month contract. There is no minimum. You are free to start and stop your membership at any time, although stopping will bar you from future calls and the Facebook group.
Julie can take a scattered mind (and work history) and pave the way to amazing clarity. She is able to give one the confidence to pursue any course of work you choose. Often people don't know how valuable their own experiences are…Julie helps to uncover ALL your talents. Truly remarkable
~ Christina Watson

Disclaimer: This is where I tell you that working with me will not guarantee you get the job of Chief Exec for that Highly Successful company… even though you don't have any of the skills listed on the job spec. In fact, I can't guarantee you will get a job – but mostly that's if you don't adapt your job search approach to one that works. If you do the work and follow some tried and tested steps you are very likely to get that great job. The one you want and secretly hope you might get. Or possibly something even better.
No refunds, exchanges only.