Learning to Live a Life of Clarity, Focus, Ease and Grace

I’m a contrarian. My parents taught me to question authority; to never take anything at face value. So when Julie asked me to write a blog for Churchill Brook I will admit having a slight trepidation. The reasons are numerous, yet unlike my contrary personality, I still wanted to offer sound advice, to be accepted, to “fit in.”
Understand I believe in the power of positive thinking. I’m also a pragmatist, perhaps influenced by my Taurus birth sign. I have seen much evidence to support the concept of the power of positive thinking by the people who have overcome great adversity. They read and absorb motivational quotes, listen to motivational tapes seeking a kind word of encouragement, still searching for quotes written across a shirt. Each presents an idea in their minds which allow them to “see” a difficulty or the problem in a different way. The inspiration drives them to labor ahead with perseverance in the direction of desired outcomes. Enter Jerry’s contrarian personna.
Many clients interpret the “coach” word literally. They think our place is to become a client’s cheerleader. They fail to see inspiration combined with perspiration is needed to change an outcome. On the other hand, my perceptions on the laws of attraction are possible only in combination with supporting “actions.” We may dream of winning a lottery, visualizing how we would invest, save, spend and live with millions of dollars; all for naught if we aren’t willing to stop and buy a lottery ticket. 
Imagine a person as a fully fueled F-15, standing at the end of the runway. Now imagine that jet with full power on and full brakes. That plane will never fly unless the pilot releases the brakes and allows the engines to do their job. Do you think the pilot actually knows the physics of two engines capable of producing 60,000 pounds of thrust in an airplane that weighs only 30,000 pounds? Probably not; the pilot takes for granted, or perhaps on faith that as long as each engine performs he can take that plane vertical like a rocket. How many clients understand they possess that same power…and yet lack that same faith? How many are willing to test their boundaries?
Ours becomes a delicate balance between pragmatism and motivation. We help a client to see the great courage they have by facing the issues they present, and even greater courage to make changes. Perhaps the greatest courage comes in our ability to remain objective and not “see” for a client, rather helping a client to “see.”
Article written by Jerry Pociask. Jerry helps people discover and see alternatives in their lives. A trained Coach with over 4000 hours experience; he has successfully worked with groups and individuals focusing on personal and career goals; helping people discover new meaning in their lives. He is a Certified Moral Reconation Therapy Group leader working with persons having developmental disabilities, felons to assimilate into the mainstream and most recently work with veterans and civilians who have sustained head injuries, to find new meanings in their lives.

His techniques are unique. He helps people understand the 'why' they want to be. Because without the why and the willingness to change, choices they make can be subjective and success is rare.

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