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Looking for a Job? Want the Job to find you instead?

Up to 70% of jobs are 'Hidden'. What does that mean? It means that they are NEVER advertised! Companies are using recruiters, headhunters or their own network to find their future employees


Churchill Brook's LinkedIn Page is your VIP Ticket

inside the hidden world of vacancies!

80% of companies use the internet to find their next hire(s) and 95% of the 80% use LinkedIn. That is 76% of ALL companies recruiting that are using LinkedIn
To get a new job you HAVE to be there. But not just 'hanging out'. You need to have a 'stop-them-in-their-tracks' page. Wouldn't it be nice to have new career options arriving in your inbox? To be in the loop for all of those 'hidden' jobs!
With over 200 million pages to choose from you need to have a good to great LinkedIn page. One that will make sure you get attention and start getting approached by the recruiters and headhunters
If you already have a page and you are not being contacted, you know the importance of getting your page right!
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As a headhunter for almost twelve years Julie knows exactly what makes people like her stop and take notice of one candidate over another. To benefit from her experience now click the 'Add to Cart' button
Then email Churchill Brook a copy of your current CV along with your contact details. We will email you within one business day to arrange your telephone consultation where we will discuss your current career goals. Julie will then use this information to create the most effective page for you to achieve your dream
Churchill Brook not only deliver the perfect page, we also give you some strategy tips and advice on how to use LinkedIn too. Just like gym membership, you need to use LinkedIn to really get the results you seek. As part of this amazing package we will show you how
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Price £697


Executive ability is deciding quickly and getting somebody else to do the work ~ John G. Pollard
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