Stop the World … I Want to Get Off!

Written by Julie Holmwood

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and it seems that your dream is now redundant; or is it!?

It seems that this weekend has been eventful for almost everyone I know. Things have been going boom-bust all over the place. Lives that seemed to be heading in one direction, now seem to have had their seemingly secure path crumble into a thousand pieces.

So what do you do when life hands you a curve ball and your dream becomes redundant?

1.              Realise, that no matter how bad things seem right now, that this too shall pass
2.              Know that you have come through challenges before and that you will come through this one. Remind yourself of some examples; perhaps you have been made redundant from a job before? Remembering how you succeeded before will increase your confidence and you will immediately feel better
3.              Sit down and work out what has really changed? Sometimes when something unexpected happens we think our whole life is falling apart, but is it? Often it is one aspect that is changing, possibly even for something better that we aren’t yet aware of. Remembering all of the things that are still constant is calming and reassuring. Even if you are changing your work environment as a result of being made redundant you still have all of your skills and experience. You have only lost your employer, not all of your knowledge and competency
4.              Work out what the positive aspects could be of this aspect of your life becoming redundant.  If you wanted to look for a new role this gives you time to search the market and attend interviews. Or maybe it is a relationship change but you were thinking of splitting with your partner. See this as a time to make the changes you were contemplating
5.              Do a quick goal alignment. What do you want to achieve in the next five years? Ten years? Longer even. Are you on track? Can you get even clearer about what you want?
6.              Think of some paths to getting to your objective. Which routes could you take from where you are now? Are any ‘calling you’ more than others? Our intuition is a powerful aid; it is our subconscious mind talking to us. Even if what feels right isn’t the logical choice give it real consideration. There is a part of us that always sees the bigger picture in life. The part of us that knows more than the here and now. What we think with our conscious minds will be right is based on what we know of that route, but there are better, more fulfilling ways and our intuition knows that
7.              Take some positive action steps. Start conversations with people that inspire you. Get talking about new ideas, make intuitive connections. You will be amazed who is able to help you
8.              Keep positive, focus on what you want. Try not to dwell on the past and the things you don’t want; what is done is done, but you can make changes here and now that will change your future outcomes. Do something new if you want a different result
9.              Ask for help. Don’t ever be afraid or embarrassed to say you need help with something. I am not aware of a single living person who hasn’t faced a challenge, had a dark day or a difficult time. Accept support where it is offered and know that one day you will get the opportunity to pay it forward (not back)
10.          Take small steps towards what you want. There is no rush. You can’t get it wrong. Life is about enjoying the journey. There is no real destination that you MUST get to, other than those in your own mind. Enjoy finding your feet, finding new options and experiencing some alternatives… if need be go back to step five and start again. You might just find new goals and new ambitions in your quest

When we look back on a time we thought our dream was redundant, we realise it was just a fork in the road

There are lots of clichés that we could list ‘there is light at the end of the tunnel’, ‘it’s always darkest before dawn’. The reason people write these phrases and others quote them over and over is because they are true for all of us. Thinking of the good things and focusing on the positive aspects will always make you feel better. When you feel better, more solutions will come to you.
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