Making Your Dream Come True

Written by Julie Holmwood

I often liken the journey of life and reaching a dream, to a car journey. The rules are the same but it is easier to relate to something smaller that we can all clearly see a start and end point for

When you have a dream you might spend a lot of time thinking about it. Mentally seeing yourself having or doing that which you dream about. Imagining what your life will be like when that thing or event happens. But how do you make it a dream that comes true?
Think about your car journey. When you want to drive from London to Edinburgh how do you make that come true? What might you do?
           Look at the map and plot your route
           Put a map or print out of the journey in your car, so that you can check your progress and look for a detour should you hit an unexpected road block
           Make some sensible checks on your car; oil, water, tyres
           Fill up with fuel
           Pack a bottle of water and some snacks
           Leave home
           Start driving
           Take rest stops as and when you need them
           Keep driving until you reach your destination


Think about your dream. Now let’s apply the same steps to make that come true

           Look at where you are now and where you want to get to; plot a route
           Print out the steps and put them somewhere you can access them regularly. The more you remind yourself of the route the more likely you are to keep on track. Consider looking at your journey every morning
           Make some sensible skill checks; do you need to increase your abilities to achieve your goal?
           Get learning and studying. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Start your learning now. If it is a three year study plan that is three years from the day you start. Not three years from now regardless. The sooner you begin the sooner you can tick that off
           Put some rewards in place. Give yourself a pat on the back when you achieve certain milestones. Mark on your plan where they are and how you will reward yourself
           Leave your comfort zone. Know that doing something new makes you feel uncomfortable. That is a part of the human condition and just shows that you are doing something not yet in your sub-conscious
           Get going. You have to start. This is a critical but much over-looked step. When you know a friend is on a dream holiday you might wish you were there, but logically you know that to make that your reality you would need a ticket and to make the journey. How often do you look at someone living your dream life and think the same? I see a lot of people that not only wish they were somewhere else in their life, they are jealous of the people already there. But when I talk to them they have yet to take even the first step! Can you use the power of thought and will to get you from your sofa to the Maldives? NO! Can you use the power of thought and will to get you to your dream … NO! Can you get to the Maldives by taking some logical steps? YES! Can you get to your dream by taking some logical steps … YES YES YES!
           Take rests as and when you want to but keep your dream in mind. You don’t need to study every evening and all weekend. Give yourself some pleasure time too. You want to enjoy every part of your life, remember to enjoy the here and now
           Keep going until you reach your dream. You know that you won’t reach Edinburgh if you stop at Leeds or if you turnaround The same is true of your dreams. You have to keep moving towards them


Pen and paper to the ready … let the dream planning commence!

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