During recent conversations, I have been challenged on my belief that CVs should be tailored to match job specs, by people who believe that candidates should proudly display their originally listed experience so that a potential employer can see them for what they are, because it is more honest. I thought it was such an interesting point that I would debate it amongst myself and relay my findings
When you read your CV does it sound like you?
I would guess that your CV reflects some elements of your experience and not others. My suggestion to tailor your CV to the job spec of the role you are applying for, is saying that sometimes you are better to reflect the elements that matter to the potential employer, rather than a set of standard skills which are of little relevance in this specific case
Would you buy a car if all the brochure talked about was the wheels and the size of the boot? (that’s a trunk if you’re American)
One could argue that you would read between the lines and know that all cars have engines, all cars have safety features and all cars have 0-60 speeds, so you should take those things as a given and pay attention to the lesser known facts about the car and let that sway your buying decision. Have I convinced you? No; now you see why the Hiring Manager isn’t convinced either, when he has to imagine all that is not there to tempt and persuade him
Would you be flattered if someone sent you a magazine about deep-sea fishing because they know you like beach holidays; based on the idea that the beach borders the sea, the sea is full of fish …
Most of us have such a huge overload of data in this age of information that we struggle to keep up and retain interest in the things that genuinely do interest us. When someone sends us a document that is not instantly apparent in its relevance, it is almost a relief that you can just delete it and move on; one down, only 189 to go. Wonder where your non-tailored, jack-of-all-trades showing you can turn your hand to anything CV went?  
Be an expert, be proud to know a lot and have achieved many great things in this particular niche and really focus on XYZ if that is what the job requires. When you are looking for someone to sit with your children, clean your house or valet your car, you pick the best person you can afford for the job. You come to this decision because of all the great information they give you about how and where they did the task before. You don't need to know they have other skills or that they didn't always know this job would be a great fit for them. You chose them because they are a highly skilled expert at ABC. Give a potential employer the same courtesy; show them all your relevance to their role. Make it easy for them to understand how and why you would be good for this job. They will really thank you for making at least one email a little more exciting for them to open
I realise that I have re-enforced my own view with my own opinion, which might to some seem a little bit of a lame way to conduct a debate. I will happily answer any and all questions not written by me, that you want to send this way
The one thing you will get is an expert opinion and feedback, as I have sent out thousands of CVs; I don’t have a tracker but we could easily be talking in excess of 10,000. My suggestions and tips come from years of experience working with many thousands of candidates on thousands of vacancies and getting ongoing feedback from hundreds of clients. If you have been struggling this far, give something different a try, you never know what results you may get.
Are you frustrated sending your CV out and never hearing back from anyone? Are you really good at what you do but just can’t get any interviews? Is it sometimes difficult to know what else you can do? Do you just wish you could get in front of someone so they could see how great you are for the job?
There’s nothing wrong with you. It just takes a different type of CV to grab their attention and having it written and prepared by someone that has done it successfully thousands of times before. When your CV speaks for itself the interviews will start; allowing you to do the rest. Email us at to set up a time to chat and we’ll see if we can help!

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