Creating a Positive Mental Attitude

Adapted by Julie Holmwood

Here is a twenty-one step solution to creating and maintaining a Positive Mental Attitude, as suggested by Napoleon Hill (author of Think & Grow Rich)

Having a Positive Mental Attitude will not only make you feel better and enjoy each moment it will be a huge foundation to your increased success. If you practice these steps for as little as thirty days you will be amazed by your results!

Ready to give it a try?

1.              Learn to adjust yourself to other people’s state of mind and difficulties so as to get along with them peacefully. Ignore trivial circumstances and refuse to allow them to become controversial incidents. Maintain a positive mental attitude

2.              Establish a fixed system of conditioning your mind at the beginning of every day so you will keep a positive mental attitude under all circumstances (reading positive books, listening to upbeat music and meditation are all good tools for this; try to commit an hour to this practice every morning before you interact with anyone else)

3.              Learn to ask leading questions which bring about the reactions you desire and do not permit yourself to be drawn into arguments over unimportant subjects (in the bigger scheme of things all subjects are unimportant!)

4.              Adopt the habit of having a good hearty laugh every time you become annoyed or irritated. It will also help if you start each day with one minute of laughter (you might want to do this in private). This will change the chemistry of your brain and start you out with a positive mental attitude

5.              Start each day with an expression of gratitude for all the adversities, defeats and failures you have experienced in the past and search for the seed of an equivalent benefit these have yielded you through the passing of time. Then give thanks for the blessings you expect to receive during the day (Oprah quotes gratitude journaling as a life-changing habit)

6.              Learn to concentrate your attention on the ‘can-do’ portion of all of your problems and desires and start action where you stand in carrying out this portion. No matter what your problem or desire there is always something you can do right now that will help you. Find out what this something is and DO IT!

7.              Every time you experience something unpleasant transmute the energy into action which calls for a positive mental attitude and make this a fixed habit. For example, when you are angry, switch your mind to some sort of action in connection with your hobby or your major purpose in life and keep it busy with that subject for five minutes

8.              Recognise that every circumstance which influences your life, whether it is a pleasant or unpleasant circumstance is a gift towards your future goal, so use it and make it pay you dividends in one form or another.

9.              Remember meanwhile that your strength grows out of your struggle. Follow these positive mental attitude instructions and you will soon learn that there is no such thing as an unprofitable experience

10.          Look upon your life as a continuous process of education; of learning from all of your experiences, good and bad and be on the alert for the wisdom which comes to you a little at a time in both your pleasant and unpleasant experiences

11.          Make the world over to fit your own pattern if you choose. But begin with yourself. Begin with some form of self-improvement to make yourself over to become more kind, patient and generous in your relations with others

12.          Express gratitude twice daily in recognition of the fact that you have been given complete control over your own mind. Ask for guidance that you may use this profound gift wisely in all your thoughts and acts

13.          Go out of your way daily to comment enthusiastically on all those with whom you live and work, but do not mention their negative qualities. Then notice how quickly others will start to concentrate on your good qualities. Remember, I’m still talking about how to keep your positive mental attitude

14.          Accept all criticism of yourself as an occasion for self-examination to determine how much is justified and you will be sure to make startling discoveries about yourself which will help you the remainder of your life

15.          Do not accept from life, or anyone else, anything you do not desire. Remember that Mahatma Gandhi proved himself to be more powerful than the Great British military forces by this simple method of passive resistance

16.          Remember always that there are two kinds of circumstances which cause you to worry. Those you can do something about and those you can do nothing about. Nothing that is, except use passive resistance and refuse to permit them to worry you

17.          Keep your mind eternally engaged in thinking about that which you desire most. Your major purpose in life. So no time will be left to think about that which you do not want (We are now rubbing elbows with the great master key of success this very moment)

18.          If you are ever so unfortunate as to feel sorry for yourself, look around until you find someone that is worse off than you and start where you stand to give him help. Make this procedure a habit and you will witness one of the greatest miracles of life. Because that which you do to, or for another, you do to, or for yourself.

19.          Choose some person who you consider to be the sort of person you would like to be. Then go to work and emulate that person in every way possible. Great people have always been hero-worshippers but they pick the right sort of people to emulate

20.          Cultivate your tone of voice so that your words have a pleasing, musical sound. Remember that the sound of your voice is an open window through which other people look into your very soul. It will be a profitable investment to record samples of your voice daily, while you practice the art of expressing yourself through a friendly sounding voice. If you are engaged in sales, this practice will quickly pay off in monetary dividends

21.          Last, but by no means the least in creating and maintaining your positive mental attitude. Write and this sentence and paste it in a prominent place at work and on a mirror where you see yourself at home; ‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve’

YOU are the only person that can provide YOU with a positive mental attitude. What are you going to do about it? On your answer to this question rests your entire future!

Which direction are you headed?
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