Preparing For Your New Start

You’re getting ready to start your new job. This is a dream that is coming true for you. You are so excited you are counting sleeps until your first day. So what can you do in the meantime?

Get yourself groomed; hair cut, nails manicured, teeth polished. Image isn’t everything but we all feel really good about ourselves when we look good and that will speak volumes in your levels of personal confidence
Have a wardrobe sort out; it has been suggested by many great stylists that if you haven’t worn it in twelve months you won’t be wearing it so move it on. I would say that is true of every day wear but not special event outfits.

If you have a willing friend get them round, sit them on your bed with a glass of something chilled and get trying on (guys and girls, this is universal advice). Alternatively a full length mirror will do. Try on everything. If it doesn’t fit, doesn’t suit you or still has the tag on from where you bought it on sale five years ago put it in the charity bag. If it needs altering, mending or cleaning put it in the ‘to be dealt with’ pile. If you have nothing to wear with it put it to one side until you see what else falls into this category so that you can make a shopping list. If it is perfect, put it back in the wardrobe.
Now look, how many clothes do you have for work? Do you have enough items to make ten different outfits? More than plenty! What about your shoes? Still look good? If they need heeling, put them with the clothes ‘to be dealt with’. If they need polishing do that. Or add a new pair to your shopping list.

Put together your professional accessories; it’s a bit like going back to school for the new term. Check you have working pens, pencils, calculator, blank pad (for when your laptop is out of battery), diary and a nice bag to put them in. Clean and smart is what you are looking for, whether it is a laptop bag, briefcase or handbag. Clean and tidy it inside and out.
Study the subject; you will receive on the job training but if your new company makes and sells widgets and there is more to know than you learnt for the interviews then do a little more reading. It will make it easier to pick up when you start, it will get you into the zone and make your transition so much more rewarding.
Get in touch with your network; your contract of employment might prohibit you from telling your current clients where you are going but it doesn’t stop you from emailing your friends, neighbours, family and anyone else that knows you out of work. You can also update your profile on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
Service your car; if it is due, almost due or overdue get it booked in and done. Also give it a clean or get it valeted. No point having your clothes dry-cleaned and then sitting on dog-hairy seats. If you smoke and think that smoking in the car with the window open negates your clothes smelling, you’re sadly mistaken. Not only can non-smokers smell it in your car they can smell it on you too. For the first week at least try not to smoke mid-journey, some people find the smell of stale cigarettes as offensive as the smell of body odour; yes, really, it is that bad
Tidy your home office; take all of the files that relate to your (almost) old job into work and leave them there for someone else. Shred everything neither you nor they need. Clear out drawers, check the contents of files, get rid of anything and everything that is older than seven years unless it has sentimental value. You will need the space for all of your new files and it does wonders for your sense of well-being to have an orderly place to work from

Smile, smile, smile, smile; it releases endorphins which make you happy, it negates stress and fills you with a sense of ease, it makes people around you smile back and being happy is the greatest gift you can give to the world
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