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Churchill Brook's job search products include our Amazon listed books; 'Get That Interview' & 'Clickst@rt Your Career', 30 days to becoming a LinkedIn Job Magnet and your 'LinkedIn Page Makeover', our range of CV Products; your CV Review, Getting the CV Edge and the most talked about way to set your job search on fire, the Video CV. If you would like a totally tailored-to-you service we also offer one-to-one Coaching.


Video CV

What is a Video CV and why do you want one?
Perhaps you haven't heard of this new way of making a job application? Yet!
When you want to know how to stand out in a crowd of applicants, our suggestion is to do something different. Be an innovator. Lead the field… and show yourself in the most amazing way we know of… on video.
We are not suggesting you get your friend to film you. In a professional world, that is not going to cut the mustard.
What we have set-up for you is a rolling roadshow. Travelling the UK and Ireland we will be visiting a town near you over the next few months. Or, if you want your video sooner, you can travel to our next venue…
Who are we? We are a team of five leaders in our particular fields – as individuals we specialise in recruitment, videography, personal branding, video editing and TV & film make-up. Together we are your video CV experts…. read more
Please follow the links to our Eventbrite page to see when we are visiting a town near you

CV Edge

Sending a CV, when it isn't the right CV, can be damaging to your job search.
If your dream company already has your CV, there is a high chance they won't look at your re-written CV for six months. 
Speed isn't always the key to getting that interview. Being a good match is what the hiring manager is looking for. Even if it takes you an extra few days to give your CV the edge…. read more
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Get That Interview


 Having spent almost twelve years as a recruiter, personally receiving in the region of 300 CVs per day during our busiest times, I’ve seen a few really great, well structured applications. Some of them I’d even say are inspiring.
Mostly though… I’ve seen rubbish. 
I’m talking here about CVs that make no sense at all. Applications that are just not thought through. Covering letters that contain different information to the accompanying CV, making you think you might be looking at two candidates instead of one.
So what KIND of CV does it take to help you get THAT interview…. read more
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LinkedIn Page Makeover


LinkedIn is THE place hiring managers and recruiters look

With the number of applicants for every job on the rise, the number of vacancies being advertised is on the decline. Instead hiring managers and their recruiters are turning more and more to the proactive approach of finding candidates.
Is there an easier place to look than on LinkedIn? … read more
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Executive ability is deciding quickly and getting somebody else to do the work ~ John G. Pollard

Becoming a LinkedIn Job Magnet

LinkedIn 30 DaysUsing the old-fashioned method of searching for jobs and then applying for them doesn't work. It hasn't done for a while.
The best way to get a job is to let it find you. And the best place in the world for that to happen is via your LinkedIn profile.
Recruiters 'hang out' on LinkedIn all day, every day. They are constantly searching for the right kind of person to fit their client's job spec. They are looking for you!
Spend 30 days with me and master your use of LinkedIn to let the jobs find you!… read more
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Clickst@rt Your Career

You may remember a time when it worked like this…
You, the job seeker – would go looking for a job.
Isn't that what job seekers DO!
These days – believe it or not – it often happens the other way round.
And if you rather LIKE the old-fashioned notion of sending your CV off to a job you see advertised… please know this.
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CV Review

To get that job, you have to be able to get that interview. If you are using a traditional, paper-based, CV it needs to stand out from the (literally) hundreds of others that company are going to receive.
– Have you read our book 'Get That Interview'
– Have you tailored your CV to this vacancy working for that company?
– Are you going to make the best first impression you're able to make?
If the answer to any of the above is 'no' you need a CV Review.
Once you've made an application lots of organisations hold your information (ie CV) on file for six months. You can't go back with a better CV in three weeks and make a brand new application. Your first entry is your entry into the race for that job. Are you going to be on the interview podium?… read more
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Coaching is one-to-one and is arranged in blocks of time (one session, rarely if ever gets you where you want to be)
To find out if Julie is the best coach for you let's set up a time to talk

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