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Learn how to use social networks to transform your working life

If you want your career to change, you need to be where the changers are.
Social media has transformed the working world. These days, the career people who count are looking online. They're looking at profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. And the latest emerging platforms.

So get noticed in the right places for the right reasons

Of course, you can't possibly be everywhere, looking at every job opportunity, talking to every new contact and following up every possible lead.

However, your online profile never sleeps. It is always ready for business

Learn how to create a powerful profile that works for you… not against you. It'll make all the difference to your career path. So, are you ready to wise up to what's out there… to start using simple, easy-to-implement ways to look good online… to clinch the precise job you've been envisioning… and so transform your working life? Then this book is for you.
It's time to clickstart your career.

A comprehensive Book that shows you how to;
Create Your Social Media Presence
Develop Your Brand
Use Social Networks so the Jobs Find You
Ensure Hiring Managers Know the Professional You

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Using Social Media For Your Career
Which Social Media is Going to Help You?
Public Domain Etiquette
Public Image; You're a Celebrity!
Why LinkedIn Is Your Best Friend
Create Your Profile on Facebook
Create Your Profile on Twitter
Create Your Profile on LinkedIn
Create Your Profile on YouTube
Create a WordPress Blog / Website
Other Sites of Interest
Social Networking Superstar
Are You the One For Me?
You're Fired!
Excerpt from 'Why LinkedIn is Your Best Friend' – 80% of companies use social media for their recruitment and 95% of those 80% use LinkedIn. That is 76% of all companies currently hiring that are using LinkedIn as part of their process. Want to know where to hear about the 70% of vacancies that are never advertised? Yes, you guessed it. By having a good (to great) profile on LinkedIn!
LinkedIn are currently adding new members at a rate of about one per second! Are you already there and is your profile up-to-date?
As a headhunter, my team and I used LinkedIn every day. My researcher ran searches against vacancies to see which candidates looked the best fit, as a starting point to our creation of a shortlist. I am not the only one that did that, talking to ex-industry colleagues it seems they are all at it!
Written by Julie Holmwood, Author, Speaker and Job Seeker's Guide at Churchill Brook
Julie spent almost twelve years working as a headhunter and along the way she fell in love with social media as a recruitment tool. She uses social media on a daily basis, both to promote herself and to find people. She now shares with you the benefit of her expert knowledge and experience in this comprehensive book. She takes you through the steps of using social media to not only get that job, but then to keep it too. With the advent of all things social, privacy has become an old-fashioned concept. But hiding yourself away, out of sight of the Internet, is the kiss of death to job search. Better to learn how to navigate it carefully.
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Price £5.47


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