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Create a CV that works for you… not against you…

Are you frustrated with sending your CV out and never hearing back from anyone? Are you really good at what you do, but just unable to get any interviews? Are you stumped to know what else to do? Do you just wish you could get in front of someone so they could SEE how great you are for the job?
Then give yourself one of the most powerful – as well as one of the simplest and most affordable – tools to opening new doors in your career. Easily and reliably.

Forget what you think you know. What it takes is a different type of CV.

Here, for the first time, I reveal all of my secrets and share with you how I have done it successfully, for people like you, thousands of times before. A CV that leverages your talents in new ways, and really utilises the power of social media.
When your CV speaks for itself, the interviews will follow, allowing you to do the rest. In your hands is a comprehensive book that teaches you how to grab the attention, and stir the interest, of your dream employer.
Includes a Quick Start Guide to creating a CV that will get you that interview!

Change your CV from a barrier to a bridge.


A comprehensive Book that shows you how to;
Prepare your Job Application
Write a Covering Letter
Put together an Interview-Generating CV
Utilise Social Media and Online Networks

includes a Quick Start Guide, to create the CV that will get you that interview!
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Making an Application
The Covering Letter
What is a CV?
CV Categories
CV Content
The CV That Gets Interviews
When you NEED a job
Generally this CV works
Listing Achievements within Your CV
The Role of Social Media
Additional Tips and Advice
What More Can I Do?
Quick Start Guide
Excerpt from 'The Role of Social Media' – When I was a headhunter, I used LinkedIn every day. My researcher would run searches against current vacancies we had and see which candidates looked the best fit, as a starting point to our creation of a shortlist. I am not the only one that did this; talking to industry colleagues it seems that is the norm.
What does your profile say about you and what should it say? Even when you need to exercise discretion, because you are linked to your colleagues or even your boss, you can keep a good profile.
The first thing you should consider is that your profile is aimed at selling YOU. That is your purpose if you want a new job. Explaining the ins and outs of the product you are responsible for is fabulous if you want to make product sales or if you are the product developer, but really you are missing the opportunity to sell yourself.
Written by Julie Holmwood, Author, Speaker and Job Seeker's Guide at Churchill Brook
Julie spent over eleven years working as a headhunter and shares with you the benefit of her expert knowledge and experience in this comprehensive book. She walks you through the steps to getting that interview. Easy to follow with loads of great tips and advice, this really does give you ALL the information you need to get yourself noticed in what can otherwise be a complicated and distressing process.
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Price £5.97 £5/66


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