HOW TO: Get That Promotion

by Julie Holmwood

Fake it till you make it.


Believing is seeing.


Punching above your weight.

These are phrases that indicate we should DO before we GET. So how does that relate to your career?
Getting that job doesn’t always mean leaving where you are. Sometimes, often in fact, it’s about being promoted where you are.
One of my current client’s has been promoted five times in the past eleven years.

How can you ensure promotion finds you?

Firstly you need to find it. In your mind at least.
  • Do you know how you want to be promoted and what your new role will look like? Is it a role that currently exists within your organisation, or is it something you want to suggest to your boss?
Once you’ve identified what it is you want to do, evaluate where you are in relation to your next step.
  • Do you already have all the right skills and experience? Do you need any training? Some practice? Or extra knowledge?
Maybe the next step will involve responsibility for budgets and you’ve never done that? Or perhaps you would need to lead a steering committee?

How can you close the gap between where you are and that job?

Assume responsibility for your career. Take the steps needed to get to the next rung of your personal career ladder.
Gap closed – how can you start doing it?
  • Is there a way you can take on the extra responsibility that next job requires?
Climbing The LadderNothing is better for your soul than actually doing that thing. Really doing it. Courage and confidence don’t arrive during the dark of the night, allowing you to wake up one morning, ready. Courage is the ability to step out of your comfort zone, knowing it’s going to upset your inner status quo. Confidence is the result of repeatedly doing.
For those around you, nothing is so compelling as seeing you step up. Any doubts your boss might have had, will melt away when they see you taking on the extra challenge.
You might get offered the promotion as a result of your effort alone. Or maybe after a period of time you will ask for it Perhaps you will tweak your desire and realise your true promotion dreams lie slightly off centre of where you thought.
Just keep faking it… and you will make it!
InterviewAuthor of 'Get That Interview' and 'Clickst@rt Your Career' Julie is The Job Seeker's Guide. She works with thousands of clients through her audio and web-based programmes, helping them get 'job search fit' and successfully navigate their way into that new role
Select clients are able to apply to work with Julie one-to-one
Before joining Churchill Brook in 2009, she spent twelve years as an international headhunter, where she successfully helped her clients recruit exceptionally well-matched people, who were passionate about doing a job well done. Julie is an expert at getting candidates noticed by companies and had one of the highest success ratios for CV submission to hire that we know of within the recruitment industry

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