Prosperity in Every Adversity

Written by Christina Watson

Prosperity is all around you all the time, even when you perceive adversity

There is a gift inside of each pain we experience. There is a prosperity message in each and every adversity that we face. Sometimes called the “silver lining” or the “golden nugget”, it holds for us the kernel to our future prosperity.

Since the seed of prosperity exists in each adversity we face, it is our job to find it. When people are busy living inside the problem (thinking about it, talking about it), they miss the prosperity opportunity hidden inside. Nothing, absolutely nothing, happens in this world by accident. As the famous prayer “Desiderata” says, “And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.”


There is this amazing thing that goes on with people when faced with adversity. Sure it can bring out the worst in us, but it brings out the best in us too. Remember 911? We had hardly ever seen such compassion amongst us in this country! We were tripping over ourselves to help those New Yorkers and their city. Did you know that the fund set up to send every child who had a parent die in the tragedy of 911 was fully funded in 12 months (with over $100 million)? They had to turn donations away! Americans, who had rarely noticed the Big Apple, came to develop a fondness for it that persists these 9 years later. And our countryman felt a camaraderie amongst ourselves that is still present today.

Sometimes prosperity finds you

When I was at my lowest point financially, even though I didn’t say a word aloud to a soul, my father unexpectedly sent me a check. I cried when I opened that envelope – it certainly was an answered prayer and even more of a blessing coming from my dear dad. I felt loved by both fathers in that moment. It occurred to me later that I couldn’t have had that moment – felt that joy – without the adversity. There’s something to be grateful for.

Sometimes I 'work' to achieve prosperity

My work is to be grateful for every little thing. Because each little thing has a gift for you. You only have to open it and look inside to find the prosperity.
As a Prosperity Coach, Christina is both a businesswoman and educator. After ten years of advising clients on money issues, and seeing that many people need more than just money advice, she added coaching to her practice.
Before becoming a financial advisor, Christina owned a construction company for 8 years. She holds a BS in Business Administration, with a focus on Management and Human Resources and completed her coach training with Coach Training Alliance.
Christina helps her clients discover their own path to prosperity and believes that every person has the power to transform their world. She is committed to partnering with her clients to assist in that process. Her newest program, Breakthrough Bunch, helps people find what they really need to break through to their next level by providing instruction, community and support.
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