Purpose and Path Have to Meet

Written by Lynn Scheurell

So, along with my new-found extreme flexibility in adapting to each day, one of the things I've come to remember – as my life is busy doing – is that just because I CAN doesn't mean that I SHOULD


In fact, it's an inversely proportionate relationship that states the following: as busy as I am is as overwhelmed as I feel. Which means that it feels like the busier I am, the more I feel I need to be doing to get everything done that I want and need to do. It's a vicious cycle, isn't it? As hard as I push to get all my to do list done is as many more things I discover need to get done.

After doing much personal transformation work, and the work that I do with my clients that helps me to stay present with walking my talk in every way, AND the many lessons learned with the proverbial V-8 slaps to the forehead to prove it, I have now figured out to listen when the Universe sends me a message. And I realized that I have been getting a message for some time now… that is, I am not as good at some things as I am at others, and there are people who are really good at the things I am not. Further, by me continuing to do the things I am not as good at, I am actually withholding opportunities for people who are really good at those things to do them.

So, follow me here… by me NOT allowing people to do those things they do really well (which are the same things that I do not), I am actually blocking my energy and taking time away from the things that I, and only I, do really well. And if I don't do the things that only I can do, they will never see the light of day and actually get done. And that would be the travesty of it all…

I realized that my triggers for that are several: knowing when I'm too busy with my to do list and yet adding to it, when I'm feeling the emotional pinch between being a mere mortal and my ever-growing to do list, when I get things done that weren't even ON my to do list in the first place…these are the messages for me to know that it's time to figure out what things I don't need to do anymore so that I can stay on track with my true purpose (the things that only I can do, like create new ideas and help my clients remember who they are to get more of what they want on a deeper level).

And now, the big question: what are you doing that is taking you off your purpose – and that by your not delegating them is keeping someone else from living theirs

Three Things You Can Do Today:

See the point where purpose and path come together. That is, your path may have taken you to where you could do many things, like… clean your house, buy groceries, balance your checkbook and do your taxes. BUT, just because you CAN do these things doesn't mean that you should anymore. It's time to look at your purpose… if you find that your time gets sucked away, and, in the extreme, you feel drained by your life, it's time to look at what you're doing that you don't need to do anymore. There is someone who enjoys making the world a cleaner place, who loves to run errands and lives to make the numbers work. As someone else does those things, you are freed up to do more of what only you can do…you have more time on your path to live your life purpose..
Pay attention to where your time goes throughout the day. I mean, really assess how you are spending your precious time! Time is the one commodity we can never get more of…our clock is ticking from the day we are born. Notice if your day disappears in trivia or projects or things that make you want to have someone else's life; if in a week's time, you find that five hours or more is spent doing something that someone else could do, and probably better, that's a sure place to start delegating. Be present in the time of your life so you can spend it how you want to, doing what expresses your unique purpose and makes you happy.
Look at the bigger picture. Consider what it is that you want to accomplish in the next 30 days, and then look at what could be between you and your goal(s). If there is anything between you and your goal that can be handled by someone else, offload it immediately. If the first thing you think is 'I can't afford to hire someone', that's a temporary condition. Get creative and find ways to barter, pay over time, do it another way, re-prioritize or simply release doing it at all to help you stay focused on what moves you toward your bigger goal.

All in all, pay attention to what moves you forward and what holds you back. Look at where your time can be better served by doing something different and be scrupulous in your time management. Your life / path / purpose is what's at stake…
Lynn Scheurell, Creative Catalyst, works with energy-sensitive, holistic and transformational services-based entrepreneurs to create a livelihood from their natural wisdom and life purpose. This type of business development requires clarity, innovation and strategic ‘soul’-preneuring systems that are adapted from proven business practices and actively implemented in right timing.

There are eight different ‘freemiums’ available for immediate download throughout her site; as just one example, receive a special report called "The Seven Mistakes That Keep Soul-Driven Business Owners from Making Money" at My Creative Catalyst
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